Why they updated App?

Video online company Zoom updated its app with a new blocking feature.
The company said, At the request of the Chinese government we blocked three video conferences. The Chinese government requested that suspend these accounts of three activists. The government notified that these online meeting planned activist activity. They planned to commemorate the crackdown on Protesters in Beijing Tiananmen Square in June 1989.

What is Zoom said about this issue?

Zoom said that Government told to company that this meeting and activities illegal in their country. So, in response, the Zoom blocks the hosting account who organize the meeting. It also canceled the planning meeting while the host can’t even online in China again.

Zoom also block some U.S-based activist and also Hong-kong pro activist groups.

The company said in his blog post published on June 11, “Going forward Company will not allow requests from the Chinese government to impact anyone outside of mainland China.”

Zoom Company said that soon they launch new blocking Feature.

They allow to block participants so they can’t again attend any meeting in this geography.
Same as a company do with the activist they can’t attend any future meeting again.

They also clarify that they can’t give any information to the Chinese government of the organizer of the meeting and what conversation in a meeting.

Many companies like Facebook and Tweeter are blocked in China but the company is not because this operates across global borders and also its scrutiny managed through Beijing.

One of the people who blocked by this said, “Though my account was unblocked, I cannot accept that company will instead block Chinese participants. Shame on Zoom for political censoring on behalf of the Chinese government.”

The headquarter of this company is in San Jose, California but many of its research and development in China. They use virtual meetings app that has skyrocketed during the pandemic.

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