Casting a vote by mail is not a new method but it got more attention due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The mail-voting becomes popular nationwide but some politicians like President Trump fight against mail-voting and creating controversy.

What is mail voting?

Everyone thinking about what is mail voting and what is the main purpose of it. The “mail voting” is that policy through this provides flexibility to voters who are not easily going to the polling place then they cast their vote by use mail vote.

Before the 1800s the soldiers who were on the battlefield given the opportunity to cast vote using it. Then States expand it to all those who are sick or away from home on Election day can cast their vote by mail.

Some states allow all registered voters can receive a mail ballot. Some require a genuine excuse or reason.

Policies are different state by state also on what is required to have a mail ballot counted.
Some states only need a voter’s signature while some state requires a witness signature on the return envelope.

How many States offering access to mail voting during Pandemic?

Almost all of the states provide the facility of mail-voting. There are 24 states in which democratic ruled while in 22 have Republican governors.

There are four States in which mail-voting has not been expanded led by Republicans: Open Source Election Technology Institute report

Texas is one of the states in which there is no system of mail ballots.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in his statement, “fear of contracting COVID-19 does not amount to sickness or physical condition as required by state law.”

Overall, there is an estimation that 70% vote cast in the November election by mail voting.

Is it possible for the entire country to vote by mail in November Election:

Election Experts are also doubtful that all are used only mailing while receiving a small number of ballots. He also said it could increase operation in time for November.

“Decision-making needs to be right now,” said Kevin Runbeck, CEO of Runbeck Election Services.

He further said,” We cannot gear up, we cannot build equipment fast enough if you wait until July to place your orders.”

Trump and Democrats reaction about the vote by mail method

Trump said about mail voting is,

” voters should be required to have a reason for voting absentee, otherwise the election process will become “substantially fraudulent.”

He also indicates that mail voting would bad impact on the Republican Party.

While Democrats are suing to allow third-party collection in several states.

The states include Pennsylvania and North Carolina in which the democratic party is in lead.

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