WhatsApp is developing several new features for Android, iOS

The world’s largest and fastest messaging platform continues to update its Feature. The WhatsApp is the one used in most countries for messaging now they want to update its feature for users.

As we already enjoy 8 party video call and QR contact code, multi-device is in the testing phase. Now it’s more interesting is that the largest platform added more features for users.

List of updated Feature

The feature update information revealed by WABetaInfo:

Search by date:

The Whatsapp updates its feature and now user can search their important or other types of messages by date filter option.
According to WaBetainfo
this is the alpha development.

Storage Usage:

Most of the users have storage issues. This feature solved their problem. The Company update feature through which forward files and large are stored in separate folders. The user can only view forward messages while the Large files stored in a different section. This feature is really very helpful for the users.

Delete all except Starred:

This feature exists now but you will clear the chat except starred messages because you require this later. But the Wattsapp update its feature and add more functionalities. Through this, you can delete the whole chat while keeping Starred messages.

Share Chat:

Watsapp allows the user to watch the video by share chat like Youtube within Whatsapp. This is first introduced on the Andriod app.

Through the web, Search image:

This feature will use for the users for image searching purposes.
the user can easily search images that forward frequently and forward more than four times.

Chat Bubble color:

Whatsapp also planned to change the blue color of outgoing chat ib dark mode. They tried to use a lighter shade of green for this model.

Support for QR codes:

This feature is available through a server-side update.

When you tap on QR Code, After this, a personal QR Code screen appears.
Now you can easily share your QR code with your friend and you also share the number with them. They scan it with there camera. This can help to easily add friends to your account. But if you think you send it to the wrong person you easily revoke it and change your QR Code.


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