REGN-COV2 ready for trials:

According to an announcement from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. on Thursday,

“A medicine which can prevent from this novel coronavirus is now being tested in patients at places of United States.”

Regeneron said that it is the first trial of coronavirus antibody cocktail.

The antibody name as REGN-COV2, Regeneron pharmaceuticals hopeful that if it is successful it will available by the fall.

Dr.George Yancopoulos, president and chief scientific officer of Regeneron said in the press release, “We have created a unique antiviral antibody cocktail with the potential both to prevent and treat infection and also to preempt viral ‘escape,’ a critical precaution amid an ongoing global pandemic,”

He added, “Ultimately, the world needs multiple solutions, and the innovative biopharma industry is collectively working hard to help as many people as possible with a variety of complementary approaches.”

Antibodies are proteins that protect the body from the disease like COVID 19.

The Scientist comb through many antibodies to check which one is more effective against the disease.

Regeneron’s scientists select two antibodies,they scaled up these and then test these antibodies which are protective for the human being to fight against this COVID-19.

Regeneron tells that clinical trial starts from Wednesday and it can be tested on four different types of people.
1)People who are hospitalized due to coronavirus.
2)Those who have symptoms of the disease but nit hospitalized.
3)People who are healthy but sick at a high level.
4)Those people who are taking care of patients of this disease like health workers.

An antibody is not a vaccine but this kind of a passive immunization works the right way.

Other antibody treatments in the trial

As few days before NIH director told,

” Many vaccines available for trials after a few days, so the trials began now.”

Click to check what he said

Regeneron is not only first and the company that works on COVID-19 antibodies.
Eli Lilly and AbCellera also doing trials on the human body from June 1. But this only works on single antibody therapy. This has one more company working in china and they hope that they will succeed in this.

Rengeron previous antibodies.

This company produces a large number of antibodies in previous years so there is huge pressure on it to make an antibody for this disease.

Tarrytown, New York based-Regeneron, created US food and drug administration-approved antibody therapies which fight against eye problems, cancer disease, and other problems.

Regeneron scientists had spent years preparing pandemic disease medicine.

Kristin Pascal Regeneron scientist said to CNN, “Most scientists have said for years there’s potential for pandemics like this novel coronavirus to emerge,”

He added that we thought let’s be prepared.

The Regeneron financial backed up by US Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority and they set a company speed record to make REGN-COV2 in months.


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