Pakistan’s Fashion industry making progress rapidly. In the current era, it’s become necessary to follow the fashion trends to gleamed up in shine of style.
To constant this shine, we always look forward to the latest fashion trends to follow. Fashion doesn’t remain the same for every year; it’s changing every season.
As summer comes and sun-bright shine so it’s time to update our wardrobes according to fashion trends. In Pakistan, the summer fabric includes Lawn, Cotton, Silk
and many more.

This time designer decided to launch such a trend that will be more suitable for the summer and easy to wear for ladies. As Pakistan follows all the trends and
this time designer designed the Stylish Dupattas, Medium shirts with cigarette pants, Long Kurtis along with the digital prints as this becomes popular in the fashion industry.

Khussa becomes the new trend in the fashion industry as it is very easy to carry and looks adorable with the trend of dresses.
Along with digital prints, printed dresses are also being in demand day by day. Brands launched the latest trends in their outlet in both ready to wear as well as in
Pakistani brands like Gul Ahmed, Junaid Jamshed, Sana Safinaz, Asim Jofa, Maria. B and many more brands launched their summer collection. You can buy it online or
go to their outlets to up to date their wardrobes according to the trend.

Fashion Trend for Pakistani women
Source: Pinterest

Medium Shirts:

This season designer follows the trend of Medium Shirts with Cigarette Pants along with the bright colors. For casual wear, digital prints have given more importance and color schemes also selected are eye-catching.

Long Kurtis:

With the medium shirts trends, it’s also considered to launch the long Kurtis as many people loved the long Kurtis with cigarette pants or palazzos to make their look
more amazing and adorable. It’s not a new trend but this is an all-time favorite for the ladies to wear in summer.

Long Kurti
Long Kurti Source:Youtube

Stylish Dupattas:

In the last few years, it’s considered that wearing dupatta with suits is very old fashioned, but designers now consider designing dupattas in a new way that they’ll look more pretty with the suits. There are many styles of dupattas launching this year. Popular brands like Limelight, Sapphire, and many more brands launched their dupattas along with you can make different suits to follow the trend.

Dupatta source:Pinterest

Tiny/hand Bags:

In this summer, you will see short handbags everywhere because they are fashion-friendly. Short Bags can be very helpful when you require only mobile and credit. It also enhances your look. Many stars like Mahira and Deepika are using this for a long time.

Handy bags
handy Bags source: Atlanta Bags

All-time favorite Khussa:

Khussa is not a new trend but it enhances the beauty of dress while wearing in the feet. It’s gleamed up the shine in the style and it always trendy.
You can wear Khussa with you casual or formal dresses as you like.

Khussa source:Pinterest


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