The website is a collection of webpages and all related content placed on separate pages.
There are many Public and private websites used in the world. Private are those designed for only office work and employees. It may be an e-commerce site, Social site, or maybe education or news site. You will be familiar with some names but some names surely shocked you.

We ranked all the websites according to ranking provided by And according to the number of visiting traffic per month. Alexa is the feature. You will also check on its site.


Google is one of the best search engine in the world. Billions of people search out their answers to queries and some of them posted answeres every day. Google contains each type of information like music, books, multimedia related, technology-related, science-related every topic, or everything that exists in this world is part of Google. In Global and the U.S market, it is the number 1 website.


Youtube is a video website. It is the hub of entertainment. And users also upload videos related to science, technology, and study. It is also beneficial for businesses. Now many people earn through by just posting a single video.
BIllion of people visited and watching videos. That’s why it ranked second.


TMall is the Chinese site and ranked third in the world. Alibaba operated this group. Alibaba is an e-commerce company so its website is also eCommerce. It ranked the second largest e-commerce website. It has 500 million monthly active users.


Facebook is a social media interactive website. Estimated 2 million daily active users across the world. People used it for communication purposes and share their videos, text, and picture by using status and timeline options with others. Now, business is also run on this like social media marketing and ads for different businesses.


It is the Chinese web portal. It provides instant messaging service, music, shopping, etc and it is a Guinness world record holder for the highest number of Active users simultaneously. Its monthly users exceeded 800 million.


Baidu is the largest search engine in China. It is a Chinese language search engine.90% in China uses Baidu for search purposes.


It provides news, gaming, email for the Chinese people, and ranked 7th most visited website.


It is the Chinese largest e-commerce site. It provides all the electronics and clothing to all people. Almost 1 billion product is listed on this site. A large number of U.S people also visited this site.


Yahoo is a web portal and search engine. Approximately 1 billion users visit yahoo monthly. It provides mail, newspaper, maps, and video services.

10) is a website of an internet security site. Antisoftware, a web browser, system tools, and online games are provided by this site. It is also a Chinese company.

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