As the Online trend increasing through the world and the world shifted toward online technology. So the trend of traditional newspapers converted into WebNews. Most of the People Prefer to read Webnews over Tv Channel news or newspaper. Because it’s less cost-effective and time-saving. The most important feature is that you can easily check all the previous and latest news on the website. You will surely look for the best news websites.

Don’t go anywhere else I tell you which are the best sites and All ranking mention in it by Alexa.

Here are the Top 10 news Websites.


It is an American website. In this, you will get news related to sports, politics, video, music, fitness, cooking, and many more.

According to the ranking of Alexa in the last 24 hours. It is on Number 1 with 28.60% traffic from search and 4.44 daily pageviews per visitor.


It is a Google product as Google is no 1 website of 2020 but its news product ranked on second. It provided all news related to politics, entertainment, videos, blogs, music, opinion, and many more.

According to Alexa, Total Trafic per search is 0.40% and daily pageviews per visitor are 15.51. So it ranked second in the News website category.


CNN is an American news site. It also has a television channel viewed by millions of peoples. And this website very popular across the world. This has its app on the “Appstore” and on “Play store”.

According to Alexa, it ranked on third,22.60% traffic from search
and 2.26 Daily Pageviews per visitor.


Nytimes stand for The New York Times. It is an American news site. NYTimes has 70 million unique visitors every month. It is similar to a traditional newspaper and makes it unique from others.

Alexa ranked it on number 4 because its Traffic from search is 29.90% and daily Pageviews per site is 2.59.


It is an Indian news website. It provides news related to politics, sports, entertainment and it is the best-selling newspaper in India.

Alexa ranked it On 5th due to 43.90 traffic by search and 2.97 Dialy pageviews per visitor.


It is a British news website. Its unique design makes it attractive and people loved to read on this.

According to Alexa, it ranked 6th best news website in the world based on 2.72 Daily Pageviews per visitors and 37.10% Trafic from search.


It is An American Website. Shutterstock provides information on vector graphics, music, illustrations, photography, and video clips. It is one of the best design theme newspaper.

Shutter sock ranked on 7th because Daily Pageviews per visitor and Trafic from search are 6.02 and 28.60 respectively.


It is an American website and also runs traditionally newspaper.
It is the most circulated newspaper in Washington.

Alexa ranked it on the 8th. Its Daily pageviews per visitor is 2.99 and 27.20% Traffic from search.


It is an American news website. Yahoo is the most widely read newspaper and media sit. It is one of the oldest websites. It offers news of sports, finance, politics, and entertainment.

Yahoo ranked on 9th due to less number of Traffic from Search that is 7.80% and Daily Pageviews per visitor is 4.41.


Forbes is an American business website. It covers news related to Bussiness, lifestyle, small business but also covers innovation, technology, and leadership news.

Its traffic from Search is 48.40% and 1.81 Daily pageviews per visitor that’s why Alexa ranked it as No.10.

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