Video Games are very important in everybody’s life. It provides fun, enjoyment, and entertainment. Games also improved teamwork abilities and cooperation with each other while playing together. Puzzle video games improve problem-solving ability. It also helps to enhance hand-eye coordination.

Here are Top 10 vide games released in 2020.

1)DOOM Eternal:

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Release date: March 20, 2020.
Stars rating:4.4
Like: 95%

It is a first-person shooter game. It is developed by id Software. Both single-player and multiplayer played this game. In this game, Doom Slayer fought with all demonic forces of hell. In this player used Combat Shotgun, Super Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Ballista other, and many other weapons to gain victory against demonic forces.100,000 sales had been done on the launched day.

2)Cyberpunk 2077:

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Release date: 19 November 2020.

It is an upcoming mega video game. CD Projekt developed it. In this Players performed the role of a hacker, have a skill in machinery, a customizable mercenary, and ranged weapon which can be customized and modified. Its previous version won many awards like FITC Awards, and in 2020 won 19th Visual Effect Society Awards. This version will also rock.

3)The Last of Us Part II:

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Release on: February:21,2020.
Stars rating:2.4

It is an action video game. The Last of Us developed by Naughty Dog. It is a single-player game.
In this Players can use firearms, weapons to fight against the enemies and cannibalistic creatures.
It is one of the fastest-selling games in the UK. And won many awards too.

4)Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Release:March 20,2020.
Stars rating:4.4

It is developed by Nintendo. In this player purchased packages then moves toward the island where character collects many things and develop the island.
It is the best selling game in 2020. And break many records.
It won many prizes.

5)Resident Evil 3

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Release Date: April 3, 2020.
Stars rating:3.9
Likes: 91%

It is a horror video game. And developed by Capcom.
In this game, the zombie was caused by an outbreak of the T-Series. It is a multiplayer game.
Its 2.5 million copies sold out.

6)Half-Life: Alyx


Release Date: March 23, 2020.
Stars rating:97%

It is based on Virtual Reality. Valve developed it. In this, Players interact with the environment and fight against enemies due to virtual reality. In this game, players choose Alyx Vance to fight against alien Combine to caught a superweapon. Due to COVID -19 there is a limited supply of this, however, they were sold in all 31 regions and huge index unit recorded.

7)Ori and the Will of the Wisps

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Release Date: March 11, 2020.
Stars rating:97%

It is an adventure video game. Moon studio developed it.
In this Players performed a role of ORI and they must jump, climb, swim, and performed other actions to solve the puzzles and tried to unlock the areas which are left on the maps.

8)Halo Infinite:

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Release Date:2020.

It is a first-person shooter video game that is not yet released. 343 industries and SkyBox Labs developed it.
It is a single-player and multiplayer game.


Release Date: September 4, 2020.

It is an action-adventure based upcoming video game. Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal developed Avengers. This game, Avengers team tried to save the world from peril. This game allows players to make a team of their own choice by selecting favorite heroes.



Release Date: February 14, 2020.
Stars rating:4.6
Likes: 95%

It is another fantastic video game. Media Molecule developed the dream. It is a single and multiplayer game. Players can create mechanics, assets, music, sculptures, and art to create other creations.

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