Did you know masked singer season 2 premiere has been introduced their competitors? yes ofcourse second season of masked singers unmasked 2 celebrities last night. Some of their competitors are Butterfly, egg, ice cream, ladybug, Rottweiler, skeleton, thingamajig and tree.

Rottweiler and egg waiting of the grand prize. So the masked singer is back now for the audience to entertain.

As usual the second season of the masked singer season 2 premier bring 16 new masked celebrities. 8 of them performed in the first premier of this program. Producer of this program revealed that in season 2 they bring lot of contestants from different areas of the world. They said they combined singers and celebrities form Germany and other areas. There are 29 kids, 28 tattoos, time most influential people and eight divorces.The Masked Singer Season 2 Premiere

Are you want to know who is going to judge the masked singers? Judges will be Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke. The main thing of this is that every participant is celebrity and they covered their faces till the won. But some of them uncovered after their performance that we are going to describe below. Read our complete article who get uncovered or unmasked in the premiere of the the masked singers premiere.

In the first episode there are eight contestants who were unmasked. Here we going to describe how the masked singer were introduce on the stage with their special costumes.

Faceoff No. 1: Butterfly vs. Egg

Winner: Butterfly

Faceoff No. 2: Thingamajig vs. Skeleton

Winner: Thingamajig

Faceoff No. 3: Ladybug vs. Rottweiler

Winner: Rottweiler

Faceoff No. 4: Tree vs. Ice Cream

Winner: Tree