The Dead Man “The Undertaker” announced Retirement from WWE.

The superstar of WWE announced his retirement from World Wrestling Entertainment.
He announced in the last episode of “The Last Ride”.Undertaker said he has no wish to come back in the ring.

His real name is Mark William Calaway. He started his career in 1987. He won 21 consecutive matches and Known as The StreaK. He is Famous as The Death Man. His action was like a horror-themed.

A streak broke in a match with Brock Lesnar. This was the 30Th edition of the showpiece event.

Only Romein Reign Defeat him after the Brock Lesnar in his WrestleMania career.

He became the Seven Times World Heavyweight Champion.

He also does acting. His debut film is Surban Commando. He is also a very famous and necessary part of WWE Video games.

He also tweeted, “You can never appreciate how long the road was until you’ve driven to the end.

He used hashtag of #The Last ride.

He fought the last match against AJ Style.

Tweets after His Announcement by Followers, Players And by WWE

While WWE replied with Tag @undertaker.
It said, “I did things my way, and I’m gonna leave my way.”

Many WWE Superstars and WWE network pay massive tribute to The UnderTaker.

In another Tweet, WWE wrote,

I have this other life that I need to go experience and enjoy the fruits of my labor.”

AJ Style who played the last Match with Undertaker said in his tweet,
” Still floored by the experience and reaction to the #BoneyardMatch at #WrestleMania.
If it was the last time @undertaker laced up his boots, I’m honored it was against me.”

WWE T.V Host wrote a very emotional tweet for UnderTaker. And said Thanks to him for making our childhood so cool. Mike Rome Tweeted to pay thanks to taker and said, “Thank you for making our childhood so cool. Thank you for the journeys you took us on. Thank you for growing with us, and evolving. Thank you for being larger than life. Thank you for everything you have given to wrestling. You will always be #ThePhenom. #ThankYouTaker.”

WWE also share some Old Picture collage of THE UnderTaker to pay thanks to him and use Hashtag Of #ThanksTaker

Undertaker makes our childhood fabulous and memorable. When we heard about his retirement, we think Our childhood ends today.

It is the End of The ERA.

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