Officials Report and Statements on coronavirus Pakistan:

According to the Health Ministry of Pakistan, coronavirus cases crossed 100,000.

The health ministry of Pakistan reported that in Pakistan recorded cases of coronavirus are 103,671 since this pandemic starts. The deaths recorded are 2,067.
According to a recent report, the recovered people from these reports are 34,355.

In the whole country 4,728 cases recorded in the last 24 hours, said by the health ministry.
Pakistan’s Government lifted its lockdown from the start of May, although the rate of new cases increase day-by-day.

705,833 total test conducted since Monday, while only 22,650 Tests tests conducted in the past 24 hours, said by the ministry of Pakistan.

Official Provincial Record of Coronavirus Cases :

The number of confirmed cases, deaths, recovered cases received from the authentic laboratories are below:

1) Sindh (Confirmed cases-38,108, death-650, Recoveries-18,776)

2)Islamabad(Confirmed cases-5,329, death-52, Recoveries-8,43)

3)Punjab(Confirmed cases-38,903, death-715, Recoveries-8,109)

4)Balochistan(Confirmed cases-6,516, death-54, Recoveries-2,313)

5)KPK(Confirmed cases-13,487, death-575, Recoveries-3,542)

6)AJK(Confirmed cases-396, death-8, Recoveries-195/)

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Government claim situation is “under control”:

The situation is very critical in all Pakistan as the number of cases and death rates increases day by day.

The number has already surpassed China, the origin of coronavirus pandemic.

While the Government of Pakistan claimed that the

The situation is “under control”.

But Health authorities alarmed the situation and said hospital capacities and the sharp increase in cases makes it difficult to handle.

Dr.Fyaz Alam said to Anadolu agency that”Most of the hospital beds have already taken by patients, limiting our ability to handle the influx of COVID-19 cases, mainly in the big cities”.He is an office-bearer of Pakistan Islamic Medical Association(PIMA)

Hospital Situation:

In Karachi, there are 15 Government, private, and charitable hospital those are dealing with COVID-19

The Number of ventilators according to the official number are 136.

According to Yasmin Rashid Just 539 beds and 200 ventilators in those hospitals available for patients.

Although they are working on hospitals to enhance the capacity of beds and ventilators.
But it is still insufficient to handle this virus attack.

Alam said, “Dozens of [COVID-19] patients are contacting us daily seeking admission to the hospitals. But we cannot help them as the hospitals are already running short of beds, both in general wards and the ICUs [intensive care units],”.

He more added, “If the number of cases continues to surge at the current pace, I am afraid, the hospitals across the country will not be able to handle the situation,”.

Worst is about to come:

As above it is mentioned the records and number of corona cases crossed 103,671. Hence it is very difficult to handle for the Government.

But doctors, who have been opposing the lifting of a prolonged lockdown, fear the worst is about to come.

According to Qaiser Sajjad, Secretary General Of Pakistan, “June and July are very crucial as we expect a sharp rise in already fast-increasing coronavirus cases in the country,”.

He Further Said, “I don’t foresee good days ahead vis-a-vis coronavirus cases. They are going to shoot up in the coming weeks,”.

Qaiser added, “Over 2,200 doctors, nurses, and technicians have already gone into self-isolation after getting infected by the virus across the country. Young doctors with no required experience are being pitched to handle ICUs, and ventilators in several hospitals to bridge this gap, which is not good at all,”.

While Salman Haseeb, President of Young doctors said
“We are expecting a spike in numbers of patients in mid-June, there is a chance where we have to choose between saving the life of a patient or a doctor,”.

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