Police in Spain have already started an investigation after receiving a complaint against unknown persons.

Almendralejo, a town in Southern Spain, came into the news this morning when a group of mothers reported to the police that their daughter had received their naked images. This town is in the Extremadura region. Miriam Al Adib, a mother, came on her verified Instagram account and raised her voice about the issue. Her video became viral immediately, and an outcry was felt in Spain after this news.

According to Al Adib, one of her daughters informed her that someone had used her images to create naked photos with the help of artificial intelligence. She confirmed that the image was created with the help of an app. After some time, many other girls raised the same issue through various channels and resources. Al Aqib looked dismal in her video, as she said that the damage cannot be appreciated.

A regional government official, Francisco Mendoza, discussed the issue with a local public media outlet and confirmed that the authorities had identified some young people who were behind this activity. He told Canal Extremadura.

Al Aqib wrote a caption of her video in the following words, “Using other peoples’ photos for this kind of atrocity and sending them around is a very serious crime.” Another mother, Pilar Parron, came to Canal Extremadura and said that her daughter had identified one of her friends who participated in this activity. Another mother, Fatima Gomez, told the channel that a boy had tried to blackmail her daughter by using her doctored images.

Her daughter also showed the conversation between her and a boy. In this conversation, money was asked to be sent. When she refused, the boy started sending naked images to her. According to Canal Extremadura, the images are created with the help of an app. This particular app uses artificial intelligence to produce the photos you want.

José María Ramírez, Mayor of Almendralejo, called it “another case of gender-based violence.” María Guardiola also condemned this disgusting incident. She is head of the Extremadura regional government. She wrote on X, “Digital violence against women is a scourge that is on the rise.”