After adding Huawei to the US “entity list,” Huawei has had to struggle with many issues. However, the experts consider its new phone a boost for Huawei.

Gina Raimondo, US Commerce Secretary, gives a statement in which she clarifies that the US government has no evidence about a new development related to Huawei’s advanced smartphone. The reports talk about Huawei’s smartphones with advanced chips. Some news agencies claim these smartphones can scale up to all users. The commerce secretary also confirms the investigations to identify how Huawei, a sanctioned Chinese manufacturer, can get this breakthrough. This investigation is about the latest flagship device launched by Huawei.

In Tuesday’s meeting with US lawmakers, Raimondo showed her concerns about Huawei’s Mate 60 Pro launch. She got this news when she was in China last month.

During the meeting, she told a US lawmaker, “The only good news, if there is any, is we don’t have any evidence that they can manufacture 7-nanometer [chips] at scale. Although I can’t talk about any investigations specifically, I promise you this: every time we find credible evidence that any company has gone around our export controls, we do investigate.”

Some analysts have explored this smartphone. They confirm it is a milestone achievement for Huawei and China. They also think that Huawei has found an option to overcome the issue of American export controls.

US officials have been blaming Huawei for the fact that it can be dangerous for US national security. Therefore, the US government has restricted trade with Huawei for a few years. However, Huawei considers all these allegations baseless and fake.

According to one of the most specialized semiconductor research organizations, TechInsights, they have used the phone to analyze it professionally. The organization confirms that the smartphone has a 5G Kirin 9000s processor. Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), China’s top chipmaker, designed this processor to be used by Huawei.

The most exciting aspect of this story is that US export restrictions also apply to SMIC. SMIC cannot import any product from the United States of America. However, when CNN tried to approach SMIC about this development, it did not respond.

According to TechInsights, there are two more microchips in the handset. These chips were made by SK Hynix. After research, TechInsights found that it is a South Korean chipmaker.

When asked by SK Hynix spokesperson, they were aware of the issue and said they had been investigating the issue and how it became possible. The reason is that SK Hynix has had no business relationship with Huawei for years due to US export controls. Huawei did not comment when asked about the components and capabilities of its smartphone.

Raimondo told US lawmakers that the US government was trying everything to keep China away from getting intellectual property that can help advance its technology and become dangerous for us.