Having a WiFi network does not mean you cannot forget your WiFi password. If you face this issue, we have solutions to get your password back. Interestingly, you can use this technique if your neighbors do not share their WiFi passwords. Moreover, you may have stronger connections in your surroundings, and if you can get their WiFi passwords, your life can be easier than expected. Therefore, learning how to hack WiFi passwords is an interesting skill, and we want to guide you in the right direction to help you get these passwords and celebrate your free timings.

So, let us learn the hacking of WiFi passwords!

How to hack WiFi Password Conveniently?

You need the following skills to start the procedure:

Keep an eye on all WiFi networks around you.

It is the first task to perform. It is an easier task to complete because when you open networks, you find numerous networks working in your surroundings. You only need to learn who uses top-speed internet. However, if you find any network that can provide the internet, you can go for it.

Learn to work on DOS and use it to attack.

The next task is very technical. For that, you need to go to Windows Command Prompt. You can get it only by writing Command Prompt after opening the Run given on your desktop. You can access it by writing CMD simply in the Run. By right-clicking the command prompt, you are allowed to run it as an administrator.

When you open it, you find a black window with a blinking cursor next to something like C:\WINDOWWS\system32\. Write the following code here:

netshwlan show profile

When you perform this task, you will find numerous user profiles, which are wireless local area networks. Here, you will select the WiFi you want to hack. After that, you need the following to write:

netshwlan show profile name=”XXXXXXXX” key=clear

Where you are looking for Xs, you will write the network’s name. The next step is to find Security Settings, and under this line, find Key Content. This command will display the keys you are missing or your WiFi Password. Using software like WirelessKeyView or Cain & Abel can work with you if you do not want to give these commands.

Accessing the Router

How to Hack Wifi Password

You need two things to finish this task. First, you must have a WiFi password to access this device. The second thing is that you must have a physical approach to the router. If you do not have any of these options, you cannot access the network.

If you get the opportunity to find the router, as many people place this router near their main door, you can restart it by resetting the device, and when you do so, you can reset the password. Generally, all routers have the sticker at the backside. If the password of the WiFi and router is the same, you do not need to worry about resetting the device, as you can access the internet without thinking much.

However, it is challenging, and you are not here to reset the router. You have been reading this article to learn how to hack WiFi password. For that, the following steps must be followed:

Before moving forward, remember that we share these details only for educational purposes and fun. Therefore, do not use these hacks when you are in your organizations and where you have annoying neighbors.

It is said that random, unique, and long passwords are difficult to crack. However, the experts have confirmed that the humans use weak passwords to remember them. Generally, they are made up of familiar numbers, alphabets, and phrases. Therefore, experts consider hacking WiFi passwords easy if you use simple words for passwords.

Password Cracking

How to Hack Wifi Password

Password cracking can be a challenge. For that, you must have information about WPA and WPA2 security. It is essential to learn using RC4, TKIP, AES, and CCMP. If you do not know these encryptions and how to decrypt them, you cannot crack the WiFi password.

Generally, you find various web pages that try to convince you they have the information. However, when opening them, you find bots, scams proliferate, and adware, and nothing is important to you. They use these pages only to grab traffic. Similarly, many YouTube Videos follow the same technique to increase their viewers.

Many websites offer software to crack passwords. However, they may have viruses. Therefore, when trying this software, use a reliable antivirus because these applications can damage your system.

Overall, we recommend you use the decryption applications we have recommended. If you have skills, you can crack passwords.

Use Kali Linux

It is the best option to access other WiFi networks’ passwords. For that, you can create a separate operating system on your computer to perform these tasks. This operating system can perform penetration testing, considered one of the best offensive-approach security procedures to hack passwords. Kali Linux has been developed only for these activities, and you can use it if you want to learn how to hack WiFi password.

Cracking WEP, WPA, and WPA2 Security

You can only crack a password once you have the relevant tools like Aircrack. To break Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), it is the best tool for those who do not want to use Kali Linux. Aircrack is the best tool available in multiple tools, and hackers consider it helpful in accessing WiFi network security.

On the other hand, cracking WPA/ WPA2 is trickier. WiFi Protected Access and WPA2 are adequately encrypted. If you want to get other networks’ passwords, using Reaver-wps is the best tool. To use this tool, you must learn what we have discussed when explaining the DOS system or Command Prompt. After following all the steps given in that section, using Reaver makes it possible to reveal a network password for you.

However, even with all these procedures and practices, no one, except professional hackers, claims that he knows how to hack WiFi password. In some cases, any of these techniques can work. However, the failures are more than the successes. So, keep this aspect in mind and remember that all your efforts can be wasted.

Overall, security is the best feature of WiFi networks, and many internet service providers sell their services only because they claim their network cannot be breached conveniently. So, to achieve this target, you must have the skills, expertise, and qualifications to complete the task comprehensively.

Keep your WiFi protected from Hacker

As many techniques have been floating globally to break the WiFi network, you must protect your WiFi. For that, using strong passwords, keeping your routers away from public access, and following the latest techniques are the best options.


Before moving forward, remember that we have shared these details only for educational purposes and fun. Therefore, do not use these hacks when you are in your organizations and where you have annoying neighbors.


Hacking is a global phenomenon, and many people in our surroundings claim they can hack any system. The same applies when someone asks how to hack WiFi password. However, it is a complex task, and you must have a unique computer with the specific operating system, required applications, excellent skills, and time. If you miss any of these obligations, the chances of failure are higher because cracking a WiFi password is an uphill task; no layman can perform it.



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