Google Drive, Google Flights, YouTube, and other tools of Google’s full suite will get Bard AI chatbot access.

Google announced a plan to assist users by providing them with Bard Updates. This way, the users can complete various tasks conveniently. With the help of the latest updates included in the Bard AI chatbot, users can find the latest updates about their queries. For example, upcoming trip planning and availability of flights will become easier. The tool can also create meeting minutes when using Google Drive documents.

The updated version of Bard will be available for the customers from Tuesday. Another advancement we can experience when using Google’s full suite of tools is the communication facility in multiple languages. For that, a large language model is included in the AI chatbot.

Since the launch of Bard, these features have provided the most significant update to improve Bard for the users. These updates are significant because Google competes with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft. These big giants want to convince the users by saying these tools are not only a gimmick but can help them marvelously resolve their issues.

Initially, Google showed resistance against these AI chatbots by issuing an internal “red code”. However, Google is ready to show flexibility, and these updates in Bard signal that Google will accept AI chatbots as a support for users. Moreover, Google shows commitment to compete Microsoft and OpenAI more aggressively.

The general manager for Bard and Google Assistant, Sissie Hsiao, came on CNN to tell about these updates. She said, “These services, in conjunction with one another, are very, very powerful. Bringing all the power of these tools together will save people time — in 20 seconds, in minutes, you can do something that would have taken maybe an hour or more.”


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