iPhone 15 Pro is equipped with an X70 modem. It is expected that it will have improved and enhanced power consumption and exclusive and advanced speed. Moreover, its signals will be maintained for a long distance.

iPhone 15 Pro is ready to launch, and the experts find its 5G connectivity better. The reason is the availability of X70 Modem. SpeedSmart confirms the performance will be 24% faster than the previous when examining the downloading speed of 5G. This comparison is with the previously-launched iPhone, iPhone 14 Pro.

SpeedSmart has thoroughly examined the speed of the iPhone 15 Pro. It confirms that the best downloading performance is when using Verizon’s network. The results demonstrate that the speed of the iPhone 15 Pro when using Verizon is 243.06 Mbps. It was at 195.83 Mbps when using the iPhone 14 Pro with Verizon network.

When using T-Mobile on iPhone 15 Pro, the speed is 300.92 Mbps. However, when using AT&T network, the speed of 5G internet was 204.34 Mbps.

Although we can forecast, there is a sizable change in download speed. However, it is not significant when discussing upload speed. We can expect a shift in upload speed when an upgraded version of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max is in the market.

Apple has not mentioned any type of modem in the launch. However, SpeedSmart said it would be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X70 modem. The Apple company claims this modem will change data speed, latency, and coverage. An integrated AI processor will also come in the next iPhone model that will help improve 5G frequencies. One of the significant frequencies is short-wave mmWave signals. We must mention that Samsung’s Galaxy S23 lineup also comes up with a similar Snapdragon X70 modem.

Some rumors tell that Apple is also concentrating more on its 5G modems. However, confirmation has yet to be received regarding this news. We claim it because the Apple company has signed a new agreement that will continue till 2026. Therefore, the wait will likely continue for even a few years, and in the following iPhone models, the modem will not be an in-house 5G modem of the Apple company. If you are interested in the iPhone 15 Pro, pre-orders are live. Overall, the iPhone 15 Pro will be available for customers from September 22.


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