The first squad of Spain’s women football team after the World Cup Win and Controversial Kiss of Rubiales. Jenni Hermoso is not a part of it.

The 15-member team of Spain’s Women Football is announced. All the members of Triumphant team are included in the list excluding Jenni Hermoso, who was kissed by Luis Rubiales after the Women’s World Cup final. We also want to mention that the team members of Spain’s women football boycotted the team after the incident. This situation forced Rubiales to resign from its position. On Friday, the statement of 39 players came out in the media in which they confirmed that the strike would continue until the organization implemented more changes. This 39-member group consists of 21 World Cup winners.

Monste Tome announced this team, and it was his first opportunity to decide it as a new coach. He replaced Jorge Vilda, who was a close ally of Rubiales. According to news reports, he was sacked earlier in September.

Montse Tome is a new Spain Women’s Boss. She is the first female who got the opportunity to become Spain’s Women Coach. Previously, she was working as Vilda’s assistant manager.

There is no news whether the players have ended their strike or not. Tome said in a statement that she had spoken to some of the team members but did not reveal the actual position and discussion with the players.

Before this announcement earlier on Monday, a statement came from the media from the Spanish football federation (RFEF). Through this statement, RFEF urged the striking players to come back and join the national team.

In this whole scenario, we also have a statement from Tome, who said, “We stand with Jenni. We believe that the best way to protect her is like this, but we are counting on Jenni.”

BBC also talks about new assignments of Spain Women’s Football team. They have scheduled national fixtures against Sweden and Switzerland. The match against Sweden will be played on Friday, September 22, while the fixture against Switzerland is scheduled on Tuesday, September 26.


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