Simone Biles considers herself in a position where she is ready to kick off her international career once again and get honor and rewards.

Simone Biles got a position she always deserved, as she secured her spot in US Gymnastics World. She got this position when she attended a selection cup organized exceptionally to select the athletes for the team.

The journey of Simone Biles is like a roller coaster. However, she is now in a position she has always dreamed of. Her performance in the selection cup was the exception as she won the all-round competition. Interestingly, it was the first day of the camp. She locked her spot through undoubted performance, although the experts found several errors during the camp of the World Championship Team. These errors were in all four events. She ended up in the first position with 55.70 points. Shilese Jones was the runner-up in the camp and 0.400 points behind Biles. Jones is a world silver medalist.

Women’s programs’ technical lead, Chellsie Memmel, described Biles: “She was like, `Yeah, I don’t know what happened. (I said), `Get it out here. We’ll just turn the page. She knows it was not even close to her personal best, but it’s OK right now.”

According to USA Today, six players will be selected for World Championship Team. Biles has been selected already, and the remaining players will be selected after the second-day competitions, scheduled on Wednesday. Jones can definitely be the second team member, and experts are assured that she can win a title for the seventh consecutive time this year at the World Championships.

Memmel added about Biles and other players, “There’s still things to be worked on, obviously. Do I still think we’re in a fine place? Absolutely. Am I glad some of these hiccups happened here? Yes. I think sometimes that needs to happen. But there’s still more work to be done. They all know that.”

Since the Summer of 2013, Biles has attracted many due to her fantastic all-round performance. She has claimed five world titles. Additionally, Biles has also won the Olympics Gold Medal in 2016. She won her eighth US title last month, a record. In that particular tournament, she beat Jones. Four points were between them, which is a massive margin. Therefore, all experts think that the future belongs to Simone Biles, who is ready to astonish the world with her incredible talent and skills.