Female footballers were on strike due to the wages issue with the management. Now, the dispute is resolved.

Top-tier female professional footballers in Spain have ended their strike. The issue was resolved when Liga F and the players’ union Futpro reached the agreement Wednesday night. The problem was raised when Spanish first-division female footballers raised the issue of wage rise, and Liga F disagreed. Futpro announced the decision on its X (previously Twitter) account. The statement says, “An agreement between management and unions has been reached.”

The strike became the reason for some halted matches. These matches were Liga F’s first-round matches and were scheduled last weekend. This strike disturbed Liga F’s schedule, and now these matches will resume because the announcement regarding the agreement has been made on Wednesday.

Futpro also disclosed the new wage agreement. According to this agreement, the players will get a salary of as low as €21,000 during the season of 2023/24. Moreover, the number will reach €22,500 in 2024/25 season and €23,500 in 2025/26. However, Futpro is not fully satisfied with the agreement and considers it only a beginning. Futpro also wants an improved working environment for female players. Moreover, female players also need anti-harassment protocol and maternity leave.

Liga F said, “The clubs’ efforts during the negotiations made a fundamental contribution to achieving the necessary social strives without losing sight of the economic sustainability of the competition.”

Spanish women’s football has been in a crisis for the last few months. This issue started with the scandal of Luis Rubiales, Federation President at that time. Rubiales kissed a footballer forcefully. Jenni Hermoso was the victim, and the presentation was a victory celebration after winning La Roja’s World Cup title triumph. The issue is resolved now because Luis Rubiales resigned from his position on Sunday. Moreover, Rubiales’s best friend and coach of world champion women, Jargo Vilda, is also sacked. Now, Montse Tomé is a coach. Now, the strike is called off. It means female football will come out of the crisis soon.


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