Brasileirao is the most trusted league and has surpassed others in the Americas. The export of most of its players to Europe in 2023 is the confirmation of this claim.

When discussing the most prominent football leagues in South America, Brasileirao has the best reputation. Many factors, including organization, sporting, and economic factors, are involved in this reputation. The story continues as Brasileirao has shown dominance globally. Previously, it was the strongest in America. However, European football leagues, franchises, and football lovers appreciate the contribution of Brasileirao in developing world-class football players.

We can see many Brazilian footballers in the major football leagues in Europe. Interestingly, Brazil’s Serie A is a competition that European franchises monitor closely. Therefore, we can observe the export of football players on a large scale from this competitive league.

Brazil’s Football Symphony: The Best Exporter of Football Players to Europe

Do you know how many players are exported to Europe from the Brasileirao? The number is 95. It is the most considerable number in 2023, and no other league can be seen even near this number. Jaime Ojeda, a specialized MLS journalist, also confirmed it and said that the Old Continent will have the most players from Brazil and its league, Brasileirao.

The following states also confirm these numbers:

League Names Number of Players in European Football Leagues
Brasileirao (Brazil) 95
Major League Soccer (USA) 63
Professional League (Argentina) 46
Liga BBVA MX (Mexico) 22
USL Championship (USA) 20
Uruguayan Championship (Uruguay) 20
Liga BetPlay Dimayor (Colombia) 19
Liga Futve (Venezuela) 14
Liga Pro Serie A (Ecuador) 13
Canadian PL (Canada) 12
Betsson Championship (Chile) 9
APF Division of Honor (Paraguay) 9
Professional Division (Bolivia) 9
League 1 Betsson (Peru) 5
NCAA Division I (United States) 1

These numbers are a clear-cut confirmation that Brasileirao is the best league in the Americas, and no other league can challenge its prominence as a football league today. We may find this situation different in the coming years. However, no competition is today!

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