The Education City Stadium is the first host venue of FIFA Wold Cup 2022 gets a 5 Star rating. It is the proposed Qatar-Final venue in 2022.

The Global Stainability Assessment System(GSAS) has awarded a 5-star rating to SC. This Beautiful award has a mak of excellence in its architecture, design, and construction. It was presented by Founding Chairman of the Gulf Organisation for Research and Development (GORD), Dr. YOusef Al Horr. The prestigious award received by Jassim Telefat who is Executive director of the Technical Delivery office at the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy(SC).

Winning Certificates

GORD present three certificates to SC fo Education City Stadium.
1) five-star award for GSAS Design And Build.
2)A star for GSAS Construction Management Class
3)GSAS Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.

This award shows that Qatar completes its commitment to providing sustainable infrastructure for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

In Meeting other senior managers, project management managers, and other representatives present at this marvelous movement.

At the End of meeting the Eng. Boudour said that this is a very important movement for all those working for this project and also said this is a very proud movement for all of us.”
She said this award show, we deliver on our commitment to sustainability and green building.

Boudour said, “education City Stadium not only provides high-class facilities to players but also to support in World Cup 2022. She continues, that this also provides benefits to the local community and most important to Qatar for generations.

She shows wish to continue work with GORD in the future for more high-Standard matches.

The Education City Stadium also called ‘Dimond in the Desert’.

Facilities provided by Education City Stadium

The luxuries and facilities provide by Stadium are:

1)Provide direct access to public transport through the Education City Tram system
2)Provide a healthy indoor environment because of Low toxicity indoor material.
3)LED sports light used to provide excellent light quality.

And the most important,85% building material is regionally sourced while 29 percent material is the recycled materials.

Carbon dioxide sensors will also boast high occupant density spaces. The water-efficient irrigation system also designs minimize landscape water consumption.

FIFA set a standard for World Cup 2022 that all QATAR stadiums must receive a minimum Four-star rating from GSAS.

Al Horr said, “The SC’s unyielding stance on sustainability has been clear since the very beginning. With each new project, the SC continues setting higher goals to achieve a carbon-neutral World Cup.”

He also said that The Education City Stadium has raised the Competition not for Qatar’s new stadium but also other stadiums in World.

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