Covid-19 not an emerging but an emerged pandemic has spread chaos and frozen the feet. The disease without any vaccine or drug has halted the economy to the ground. Scientists are in search of discovering potent drugs for its resistance but no Good news has listened so far. This disease is in the phase of clinical trials.

Dexamethasone a drug has said to be fruitful somehow for seriously ill patients being on a ventilator to lessen the cytokines storm; otherwise, it can’t merely use for treating COVID -19.

Does Plasma Therapy cure a virus?

The fact of treating this disease through plasma therapy is hoarding all over but still, it is in the clinical trial phase. There is no surety of the complete recovery of a patient having Covid-19 with plasma therapy. As it can cause serious complications like hazards to lungs or bronchi, allergic reactions, the transmission of infections like HIV, and hepatitis  B and C.  People recovered from COVID-19 are selling plasma in black. Many lab staff have started stocking and selling in sky-high rates.

What does the NHS said about it?

The Ministry of National Health Services (NHS) has declared that plasma not used as a cure for COVID-19 patients. Due to some of its disastrous effects. It imposed on patients as mentioned above. The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has recommended to oversee the new interventions and to do as many trials on convalescent plasma, to be approved or discarded.

Limitations Of Plasma Therapy

This should be done under the supervision of senior physicians and high tech labs and hospitals with careful measurements. According to the guidelines available, CP is an experimental therapy, and investigators should obtain approval for her/his protocol. It must have the approval of health ministry in which the therapy should supervise consciously. It used with much care and eligibility and non-eligibility criteria should be kept under consideration.

People are highly recommended not to be foolish by the people selling plasma in pursuit of taking advantage. But seek physicians for treating the disease according to the proper measures. Keep an eye on the judicious use of convalescent plasma being informed by the health ministry from time to time and not to trust blindly on the rumors being promulgating all around without facts and proofs. Self-medication could prove to be fatal somehow, so it is highly appreciated to see doctors for medical assistance and to shunt the ailment likewise. Though this virus has left no stone unturned to make us feel traumatized and chaotic but to trust black sheep and filthy politics nowadays is disastrous.

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