Pakistani Singer Alamgir Haq is alive and well, Bushra Ansari shuts down rumors about Alamgir’s death.

Many people on social media spread rumors about Alamgir Haq’s death news. Including Adnan Sami, Abdul Qadir Khan, and many other share tweets about his death which is spread by rumor.

On Friday evening, many people posted on social media that wrote that he passes away. Supporters saddened to hear this news. But
Pakistani TV star Bushra Ansari shuts down all rumors about Alamgir’s death. She Shares a video in which she talks to Legend. In which she is so frank with Alamgir. She confirmed that he is alive and well.

In a video during the talk to Alamgir Sir, she said, ” I am habitual of you!you have to live 100 years, you don’t have a right to die anymore.”

She continues, ” I was so scared after hearing this rumor,” Bushra added there is already very sad news there I wouldn’t hear more news like that anymore. ”

Legendary Singer: Alamgir Haq

Alamgir Haq is one of the Legendary Singer of Pakistan. He is the Pioneer Pop Music in Pakistan. Pop Singer was born in East-Pakistan on 11 August 1955(Present Bangladesh). He got early education from there. That’s why Bushra said to him bangali in the video.

He is the one who introduces POP music in Pakistan. Haq became popular in the music industry. He awarded with Pride of Performance Award in 2013 by President of Pakistan.
Now, he stays in America for his treatment. He has inherited polycystic kidney disease. He needs dialysis three times per week and requires a kidney transplant.
His iconic songs are, “Kh Dena, Aina, Hum sb Ka Pakistan, Shaam se Pehly Ana, Maon k Dua Puri hoi, Dekh Tera Kiya Rang KR Dya Ha,”
Maoun K Dua is a prayer in which He Thanks to Allah for giving this Country and said that Our Mothers Prayers completed.


And his most patriotic song Tum Hi Say Aye Mujahido Jahan Ka Sabbat Hai for Pakistan Air Force.
Pakistan Air Force also awarded him LifeTime AChivement Award in 2019.
This Song is most popular and every child, young, elder remembers it.

Adnan Sami khan, Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan, and many others tweeted about his death. But after knowing, they delete their post.
Adnan Sami Khan said he sad to hear that news he also wrote.

Some Rumor Tweets are:

While Some Tell that this is Rumor and Share Video Link of Bushara Ansari.

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