Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry told Pakistan a leading Website(Arab News) that Pakistan has in Position to developed its COVID-19 testing kits. By this, the cost of coronavirus kits decreased.

He said in an interview that Pakistan import kits from China earlier but now our scientist have developed own kits.

He added that our kits are 20 percent better than imported kits.

Pakistan has reported 144,478 confirmed cases and 2,729 death cases according to Government Offical website.

Minister told that this kit was developed by the Scientist of the National University of Technology. These have 90% accuracy and approved by the Drug Regulatory Authority. And most important it can be used for commercial purposes.
It will help to reduce the testing cost of COVID-19.

source: Dawn News


Domestic Ventilators

Minister also confirmed that after the clinical Trials of four machines the domestic Ventilators would begin to roll out in the next few weeks. It is one more Achievement for Pakistan.

He said in an interview with Arab News, “Once these trials are over, we will ask commercial entities to start manufacturing these ventilators. In most of the countries, including the United States, motor companies are manufacturing ventilators. Therefore, we are also bringing motor companies into it. I hope we will be able to produce more than 100 ventilators in the first three months.”

Science Minister said that our ministry predicted that in Pakistan Coronavirus cases increased in June.
If the cases increased, then its difficult to stopped it.

He added that in the next two months the graph of cases increasing to a maximum extent.

As our people do not understand the situation, it’s clear that the Government imposed strict lockdown as in some areas of Lahore Punjab Govt. imposed complete lockdown there.

But Minister Fawad Chaudhry said that if the strict lockdown was the only solution then I gave the idea of smart lockdown.
As our country is a developing country, A complete lockdown causes a shortage of food and other necessary items. So, a smart lockdown is a better solution than a complete lockdown.

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