New Zealand announced free from CoronaVirus, Lahories were like “Aisey Kesy”

Last week New Zealand President said in press Conference that in this Country no corona cases reported from the last many days. She lifted the lockdown.

But She announced everyone who came outside from another country must quarantine himself for 14-15 days.

The coronavirus Spread worldwide. Many Pople reported this virus and many of these dies.
It is the first country that announced Corona Free Country.

But those people coming from other countries still tested positive coronavirus cases.
Two women who came to New Zealand from the United Kingdom tested positive. Now, 60-year-old Pakistani men reach this island also tested positive.

Many Pakistan felt sorry after hearing this news. And Tweeted We are sorry @jacindadaren One person tweeted, It said corona free country. But lahories were like “Aisey Kasy”.
A man traveled to Auckland on June 13.

Lahorie were like "Aisey Kesay"
Source: Kristin hall twitter

According to Media, the man show symptoms and then tested for COVID-19.
On Tuesday he was tested positive.

The Minister said that everyone saves. He wears a mask during travel. He remains in quarantine.

Pakistani loves New Zealand from that day when after the bomb attack on Masjid in this Country. The Prime Minister went to Christchurch Mosque wearing a dupatta.
Prime Minister of New Zealand also became more popular during this pandemic. She lockdown the whole country earlier and took the necessary steps. Thatswhy, It is the first corona free country.

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In New Zealand, 1157 cases reported till now while 22 death. Now only one case in quarantine all others are recovered.

It enjoys a normal life. A few days before, a lot of people enjoy the rugby match.

But as cases reported from people coming from other countries. The country must need to take strict action at the borders and Airports.

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