Pakistan does not give away any moment to troll  Major Adnan Sami whenever anything wrong happens in India. Pakistani called him a “Pakistani agent” in India.

Adnan Sami khan born in Pakistan. Pakistan gave him success, love, and fame. But he forgot everything and started living in India. He also applied For an Indian permanent citizenship. But India gives him citizenship after five years ago. He first married Pakistani actor Zeba but he divorced her. She brought up her SON Azaan Sami Khan alone.
Then She married once again but divorced her earlier phase of marriage.
Now, He married Roya Sami Khan and they have a daughter.

Adnan Sami Khan is the fastest keyboard player in the world. He sang many songs.
He was a son of Arshad Sami khan, who was a pilot of the Pakistan Air Force.

But he doesn’t show loyalty to Country and moved to that country which is the enemy of Pakistan. That’s why Pakistani troll him whenever any bad thing happens in India. They called him

“A Pakistani Agent” .

“Major Adnan Sami Khan”

Trolling is a crime in some countries, they consider it as harassment, stalking, and bullying is illegal. But in our country, it is not a crime. So everyone trolls anyone independently.

As everyone now the condition at the Ladakh border between India and China is not well. Recently there was “Violent face-off” between both countries. China killed 20 Indian soldiers in this attack and also capture 34 Indian soldiers.

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At this moment Pakistani again started trolling at Adnan Sami. And say thanks to Adnan Sami for his services against India at Ladakh and helped China.

Mubasher Luqman Trolling Tweet

Senior Pakistani Anchor “Mubasher Luqman” trolled him. He wrote in his tweet,

“Thank You, Major Adnan Sami, for helping the Chinse soldiers your contribution to Pak china are immense. Thanks again.”

He also shares a pic of Adnan Sami Khan in the Pakistan Army uniform.

Source: Twitter

Some More tweets in which People Thanks to Major Sami for his service.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

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