Digital Fashion Week 2020

For the first time in 40 years, the history of London Fashion Week that will be digital.
Due to coronavirus pandemic, Many events worldwide postponed like Olympics and other countless events.
But London Fashion Week held digitally this year. According to the press release obtained by Vague, they said that this year designers are invited to show their designs through online showrooms, make videos, and any other digital medium.

The statement said, “London Fashion Week has been held since 1984 and is historically held for menswear and womenswear designers separately.”

The London Fashion Week held in England and hosted by the British Fashion Council(BFC) since 1984. London is now the first largest stage that holds the world’s largest digital fashion week.

The fashion week starts from today and continues until Sunday. But you may feel this time boring or may you enjoy because there are no catwalk and no air-kissing.
Because due to the virus outbreak, this will be held at the physical distancing rule.

According to a statement published by ELLE, the BFC said this time every one participates irrespective of gender discrimination .all menswear, gender-wear, and womenswear allow them to participate. They also allow us to participate in the same event of fashion events together for the first time.

Unsiex/nonbinary category

Due to this Pandemic, London Fashion Week and New York Fashion were stuck. It was difficult to reserve sperate events for menswear and women’s Fashion. In 2018 a new category “unisex/nonbinary” was launched for those who can’t label cloth as menswear and womenswear.
BFC chief executive said in a statement, “Many of our businesses have always embraced London Fashion Week as a platform for not just fashion, but its influence on society, identity, and culture.”

Rush continued by saying about this time LFW, ” “The current pandemic is leading us all to reflect more poignantly on the society we live in and how we want to live our lives and build businesses when we get through this.”

He added, “Designers will be able to share their stories, and for those that have them, their collections, with a wider global community; we hope that as well as personal perspectives on this difficult time, there will be an inspiration in bucketloads. It is what British fashion is known for.”

Other Digital Fashion weeks

Shanghai Fashion Week was held from March 24 to March 30. It was the world’s first completely digital fashion week. This event grabs 11 million viewers and Selling 2.2m pounds of merchandise direct to consumers during the live stream.
While Tokoya Fashion week held in the form of live streaming video.

Today’s opening starts with the party poetry, not by design. “Part poetry” by James Massiah presented at the start of fashion week.

In an opening address of Fashion Week, British Fashion Council chief executive Caroline Rush said in the video, “In the wake of George Floyd’s death, we are reminded that there is still racial prejudice and discrimination, which we must and will tackle in the fashion industry.”

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