According to Russian authorities, Ukrainian forces have moved on the Dnipro River to the opposite bank, entering Russian-occupied territory. 

According to ‘Rybar,’ aka Mikhail Zvinchuk, a famous Russian mil blogger, Ukraine War Latest troops smashed through Russian defences as they landed on the Dnipro river’s east bank.

On the afternoon of October 17, he claimed they temporarily controlled the settlement of Poyma and positions on the northern outskirts of Pishchanivka.

Institute of Study of War (ISW) Ukraine War Latest Report

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) later reported that the mil blogger claimed that Russian forces forced Ukrainian soldiers back towards the Dnipro River.

According to ISW, he also alleged that a Ukrainian sabotage gang was still active in Pishchanivka on October 18.

It comes after Ukrainian defence forces used a US-supplied long-range weapon for the first time. Targeting two Russian military airfields and effectively destroying nine helicopters and an ammunition base.                                                                                

Russian Ambassador Reaction

Anatoly Antonov, Russia’s ambassador to the United States, called Washington’s decision to give the ATACMS “reckless” and “a grave mistake” that would not change the result of the war.

Ukraine-Russia War: List of Key events


  • Ukraine’s commander-in-chief, General Valerii Zaluzhnyi, said troops were facing a renewed Russian attack in the eastern city of Avdiivka. “The enemy isn’t giving up on breaking through our defences and surrounding [Avdiivka],” Zaluzhniy posted on Telegram.
  • Zaluzhniy claimed that in addition to deploying planes and artillery, the Russians also transported massive amounts of armoured vehicles, assault groups, and other equipment. According to Russian reports, its soldiers damaged a command post near Avdiivka and repulsed 11 Ukrainian attacks near Kupiansk.
  • Oleksandr Shtupun, a spokesman for Ukraine’s southern group of forces, said Ukrainian troops had pushed 400 meters (a quarter mile) southwest of Verbove in south Zaporizhia. Verbove is located a few kilometres east of Robotyne, a settlement retaken by Ukraine last month on its way to the Sea of Azov.
  • According to the Washington, DC-based think tank Institute for the Study of War, Ukrainian forces looked to have broken through on the eastern side of the Dnipro River in the southern Kherson district. Kyiv did not remark on the possible advance.
  • According to the Ukrainian military, Russian forces launched new air attacks against industrial and civilian infrastructure and military targets in eastern, southern, and northern Ukraine, using 17 weapons, including ballistic and cruise missiles and attack drones.
  • Russia’s defence ministry said it scrambled two Su-27 fighter jets to intercept three United Kingdom military planes – a reconnaissance plane accompanied by two fighters – as they approached Russian airspace over the Black Sea.
  • The Ukrainian parliament has given preliminary approval to the 2024 budget, which includes increased financing for the army and national defence.
  • According to Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko, the government’s priorities for the upcoming year include raising money for security and protection and disbursing social benefits to the populace “to bring Ukraine’s victory closer.”

Politics and Diplomacy

  • According to the White House, US President Joe Biden “underscored the continued strong bipartisan support in the United States for Ukraine’s defence of its sovereignty, territorial integrity, and democratic future,” after speaking with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.
  • During a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Pyongyang. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un stated that he wished to create a “forward-looking” partnership with Russia.
  • The US claims that North Korea sent Russia weapons to use in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Lavrov recommended regular security discussions with North Korea and China to address growing US-led regional military threats.
  • The Ukrainian parliament gave preliminary approval to a bill that would outlaw the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which Kyiv accuses of conspiring with Moscow. The church denies the claims. The statement must pass its second reading and receive approval from the president.
  • Alsu Kurmasheva, a Russian-American journalist, was jailed in Russia for failing to register as a “foreign agent” after visiting the country for a family emergency. For Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Kurmasheva is employed. The arrest appeared to be harassment, according to the US State Department.

30,000 People Have Been Missing Since Russia Invaded Ukraine

According to Russian sources, the continuous Ukrainian activity in Kherson is causing “pronounced concern.” According to the International Commission on Missing Persons director, around 30,000 citizens have gone missing in Ukraine since Russia’s invasion.

Ukraine War Latest


Biden calls for assistance for Israel and Ukraine

US Vice President Joe Biden has declared that world history is at an “inflection point,” arguing for a “smart investment” of billions of dollars in wartime help for Ukraine and Israel. 

In a rare White House address, he stated that Hamas and Russia “both want to annihilate a neighboring democracy.”

Humanitarian Aid Request

The “vital” humanitarian aid request, according to Mr. Biden, will “pay dividends for American security for generations.” Unchecked international aggressiveness, the president argued, only leads to “more chaos, death, and destruction.”

Anticipated Relief Packages

The White House has yet to reveal information regarding the anticipated relief package formally.

However, a source familiar with the request told the BBC’s US partner, CBS News, that it would include the following:

  • $60 billion for Ukraine and replenishment of US stocks
  • $14 billion for Israel
  • $10 billion for humanitarian aid
  • $7 billion for the Indo-Pacific area, which includes Taiwan
  • $14 billion for border security in the United States

Mr. Biden said American support would “sharpen Israel’s qualitative edge” and strengthen its military capabilities.

Democrats think that connecting the several aid packages might gain support for Ukraine War Latest financing, which some Republicans oppose.

The proposal, however, will be delivered to a practically paralyzed Congress. As House Republicans have been unable to nominate a speaker to replace Kevin McCarthy. Who was ousted in a right-wing uprising more than two weeks ago.

Biden’s Efforts to Connect Conflicts

Biden attempted to link the two distant battles for an audience that may not understand why US interests are at stake. Hamas and Vladimir Putin are trying to destroy their neighbouring democracies, and if they succeed. They will seek further conquest, according to Biden.

Biden is vulnerable as he attempts to mould public opinion on the wars. Only 31% of Americans approved Biden’s handling of foreign affairs. While 60% disagreed, according to a CNBC poll earlier this month.

Ukraine War Latest

He spoke to Americans who looked tired of the war in Ukraine, which began with Russia’s invasion in February 2022.

Response from Republicans

“These are two separate and unrelated conflicts,” wrote eight Republicans, led by Kansas Senator Roger Marshall, in a letter. “It would be wrong to leverage support for aid to Israel in an attempt to get additional aid for Ukraine across the finish line.”

JD Vance, an Ohio Republican senator, termed Mr. Biden’s connection of the two battles “disgusting.”

“He’s using dead children in Israel to sell his disastrous Ukraine policy,” he said after the address on X, formerly Twitter.

Russia’s Aggression Against Ukraine

Russia is still committing war crimes on Ukrainian territory.

Due to significant violations of international humanitarian law, including the wrongful killing and injury of civilians. The damage of infrastructure, and the obstruction of vitally needed supplies.

War Crimes

Ukrainian residents have been subjected to Russia’s full-scale invasion of their country. These actions may all qualify as war crimes.

Amnesty International’s Efforts

Ukraine War Latest

As Russian forces have attacked hospitals, schools, and civilian homes and have used deadly “surrender or starve” sieges on civilians. Amnesty International is working to compile evidence of these crimes. Additionally, the organization’s researchers have discovered that Russia is forcibly transferring Ukraine War Latest people into Russia through a process known as “filtration.”