Sanna Marin was viral due to her raunchy dance video last year. It is also the youngest Finnish prime minister in history.

Ex-Finland Prime Minister and a viral political personality last year, Sanna Marin, is once again in the news. She has abruptly announced his decision of leaving politics, as she has a new role in London for a non-profit organization. Her decision is viral worldwide, and she has been facing sparked criticism.

Former Prime Minister of Finland announced her decision last week. She said, “Time to move on. I am eager to step into a new role. I also believe that it can benefit the whole of Finland. I believe that I can serve those voters (in Finland) well and maybe even better in the new assignment.”

Marin has been a member of one of the most prominent political parties, Social Democratic Party. She served the country as a prime minister from 2019 to June 2023. She left the office when lost in a bid of re-elections. She was the leader of Finland through the COVID-19 epidemic and during the Russian attacks on Ukraine. In addition, she is the youngest premier in the history of Finland. More importantly, she was the youngest prime minister in Finland’s history. She was 34 when took the office.

After losing the election in April this year, she remained uncontroversial. However, she is viral again due to leaving politics and joining Tony Blair’s nonprofit as a strategic advisor. This role will be on political leader’s reform programs. Here, it is essential to mention that Tony Blair is the former UK prime minister and is now running the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, a no-profit organization.

Marin said in the statement published by Hufvudstadsbladet newspaper, “The task will be to be an adviser to different countries, governments and leaders on policy issues that are familiar to me, such as good governance, technology, climate, gender equality and other issues that I have had to work with.”


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