A star of “Live Your Own Life,” a K-drama, is currently airing, and the viewers love it.

No Young Kook, a South Korean actor, passed away on Monday. He was 74, and the reason for his death was the cardiac arrest.

No Young started his career in the 1960s as a theater actor and continued gaining experience as an actor. After spending about a decade or so, he debuted as an on-screen actor in 1975. He also started his career as an actor in television series. Some of the most famous shows are My Life, The Scarlett Letter, Taejong of Joseon, and Bravo.

According to a report, he was a part of “Live Your Own Life,” a K-drama. He was given a solid supporting character, and the drama is on-air currently. The reports confirm that the K-drama’s product team, Hankyung, plans to discuss all the filming plans after the funeral ceremony of No Young.

Go Joo Won, Ha Jun, and UEE are also a part of this brand-new series. The series moves around Lee Hyo-Sim, who is a fitness trainer. This character is being played by UEE. The character is supporting her mother with two siblings. The drama moves forward, and Lee Hyo-Sim is in a romantic relationship with Kang Tae-Ho, a vast company’s director. This character is played by Ha-Joon.

Bliss Media broke the news on September 18. It is a PR agency. The same agency announced the news of the K-drama “Live Your Own Life.” The primary reason for the death was a heart attack, and No Young could not survive. The news agency also reported that the funeral of No Young Kook will be held quietly. The reason is that the bereaved family wishes to do so. Therefore, only family, friends, and co-actors will attend the funeral ceremony.


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