The screenwriters in Hollywood, the United States, have been on strike for almost five months. They have agreed to end the strike after reaching a tentative deal with their studio bosses.

The Hollywood writers have finalized a deal with studio bosses to end a strike that continued for about five months. According to the Writers Guild of America (WGA), they have achieved a target for meaningful and exceptional gains. Moreover, they have also gained some unprecedented protections for them.

Hollywood’s writers were on strike for about five months and demanded to pay more. Moreover, they were against using artificial intelligence in the industry to create stories. This particular strike stopped the production of some renowned shows, including The Last of Us and Stranger Things. When exploring the industry, we learn that this strike is the longest in Hollywood; it stopped most TV and film productions. Here, it is essential to mention that actors are also on strike. However, their dispute is different from that of screenwriters.

Kevin Klowden, Milken Institute economist, has estimated the loss only because of the screenwriters’ strike. According to him, the loss is almost $5 billion. The reason is that it stopped the production of some of the most appreciated America’s shows. For example, the viewers found delays in watching Stranger Things, The Last of Us, Yellowjackets, Hacks, Billions, Abbott Elementary, Severance, and The Handmaid’s Tale. Moreover, some late-night talk shows and several daytime shows remained off-air during the strike.

According to news reports, the strike was not only for improved wages, as the writers had issues with artificial intelligence and its impact on their importance as story creators. Another significant hurdle that previously made the negotiations a failed effort was the royalty payments, which writers get in case of success. Issues related to staffing levels were also the hurdle to confirm a deal.

According to news reports, the writers used to get additional payments traditionally if their programs would be repeated; however, the advent of streaming changed the situation. Now, the writers also get compensation related to royalties if the management repeats the program.

This strike affected many other related areas, including carpenters, costume suppliers, camera operators, and caterers. The management of some top brands, including Warner Brothers, Discovery, Universal, Disney, and Netflix, also expressed their concerns over the strike and helped resolve the problem by attending the negotiations.

Here, it is essential to mention that the actors of Hollywood are also on strike. The SAG-AFTRA performers’ union is behind the strike, with the support of over 16,000 representatives of actors in Hollywood.