The Chinese diplomat will be in Moscow right after the visit of Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, which makes this visit crucial.

Wang Yi, China’s diplomat, is in Russia to initiate security talks. The reason for this visit is to address Russia’s requirement in the war on Ukraine. Beijing is a close ally of Moscow in the Ukraine war and supports Russia indirectly in this particular war, although it is not officially accepted. Interestingly, this visit is right after the visit of Kim Jong Un, North Korean leader. It was expected that there would be a yield in the arms deal, but officially, there is no solid news about this deal.

Another development in this case is the interest of Vladimir Putin, The President of Russia, to meet with Xi Jinping, The Chinese Counterpart. Putin showed interest earlier in September. So, we may expect that this meeting will also be discussed in the current visit of China’s diplomat.

The news reports confirm that Vladimir Putin has not visited any country since the issuance of an arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court in March. This warrant is related to the war crime in Ukraine. Putin visited Belarus and Kyrgyzstan in December before the arrest warrant.

According to the foreign ministry of China, Mr. Wang will be in Russia for four days, and during his stay, he will be in strategic security consultations with Russian counterparts. Taas, The Russian News Agency, says Mr. Wang will meet Sergei Lavrov as cited by the Kremlin. Moreover, the news agency says the talks will be about the Ukraine war. The diplomats will also discuss the infrastructure issue in the Asia-Pacific region and the expansion of NATO forces.

According to the BBC report, this visit is after a highly controversial visit of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un. Although the Chinese officials did not give any argument on this visit and considered it something between two independent states, China did not have any issue with it. However, some analysts believe it is imperative because, according to them, Russia will share the details of North Korea and Russia meetings and get feedback from China, which will help them keep China on board.


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