Illegal crossing of the Indian border pushed 32 Bangladeshi citizens and others into trouble. South Bengal Frontier’s 68th Corps arrested the infiltrators.

The Border Security Force (BSF) started a massive crackdown on the India-Bangladesh border against infiltrators. According to the reports from Kolkata, India, 45 people were arrested. Out of these 45 infiltrators, 32 are Bangladeshi. On the other hand, 13 Indians have also been arrested trying to cross India-Bangladesh Pakistan from the Indian side.

The 68th Corps has initiated the operation of stopping people from both sides from crossing the border. This particular comes under the South Bengal Frontier. The reports confirm there are women and children in the arrested infiltrators. The reports confirm that this operation was conducted at the Singamora border, and forces arrested 32 Bangladeshi nationals, including 20 women. Four men and four children are also captured. Moreover, a man with three women and three children is also caught. The sources confirm these seven individuals are Indians.

According to the reports, Bangladeshi nationals from Khulna, Gopalganj, Ghazipur, Jessore, Ferozepur, Barisal, and Bagairhat. Conversely, arrested Indians are from West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Maharashtra.

There is similar news from the border of Ranghat. Here, security forces conducted another operation in which one man and three women were also arrested. Security forces arrested two Indian men and one woman as well.

The grilling continues in the custody. The reports confirm that the Bangladeshi nationals were trying to enter to get better job opportunities and earnings. On the other hand, Indians said they were going to Bangladesh to meet their relatives. Currently, all arrested persons are in the custody of the Bagdah police station. A BSF spokesperson talked to the media and showed their commitment to stopping illegal movement at the international border.


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