Five Americans were in Iranian jails, and The United States government and people had been considering them the hostages.

One of the most controversial swaps fell into place when the Iranian government freed five Americans from its jails for $6 billion. The swap was completed with the mediation of Qatar. This release became possible when Iranian funds were released from North Korea. These funds were held by the United States government after implementing sanctions on Iran. These funds have now reached Qatar’s banks.

With this swap, four American men and one woman departed to Doha from Tehran. These Americans are also Iranian citizens, and a chartered plane took them from Tehran and landed in Qatar’s Capital. There, US officials received them, and from Doha, they departed for Washington.

When discussing these American citizens, the first one is Siamak Namazi. He is 51 and a businessman. He spent almost eight years in an Iranian jail. It was Tehran’s Evin Prison where he spent these years. The second individual is Emad Shargi. By profession, this gentleman is a businessman and 59. The third on the list is Morad Tahbaz. He is 67 and works as an environmentalist. He has British nationality.

The US government claims the Iranian government imprisoned these citizens on baseless charges. Moreover, the Iranian government used them as political leverage.

The reports confirm that the deal was initiated in August, and after that, all the prisoners were moved to safe houses in Iran. The reports also confirm that some Iranian prisoners will also get the same opportunity and can move back to Iran. The US sources confirm there are five Iranian prisoners in the United States. They are facing charges of violating US sanctions. Moreover, it is also said that all these Iranian prisoners will not be released. The reports say the names of these Iranians are Amin Hasanzadeh, Mehrdad Moein Ansari, Kaveh Lotfolah Afrasiabi, Kambir Attar Kashani, and Reza Sarhangpour.


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