Most of the People are jobless due to COVID-19. They are worried, how to earn. But no need to worry, I am telling you 10 top methods how you earn online:

1)Online Course:

If you have any skill or any subject which is your favorite and you have a grip on it. You just make videos share it on youtube or either at or you also make a webinar. And one of the most amazing sites you sell your course at

2)Data-Entry Work:

Most people are familiar with how to use a Ms.Word or Excel and other entry software. If they don’t know, then don’t worry. This is the work anybody can easily do with few skills or previous experiences but has good quality internet and a computer, anybody can easily do this.
You get work from any freelance market like, Fiverr, Upwork of your own choice with few skills.

3)Start a blog:

You all need to do write some content on your website and then do social marketing. Once you think its working fine, you can monetize your blog through Google Adsense and affiliate programs for some niece’s income.

The Startup cost for blogs is little. You need 2.95$ a month for securing a domain name and hosting from Bluehost.

4)Google Adsense:

If you are visited any website you see there are ads everywhere, it’s Google ads. If you have your website then you can signup to Google AdSense Account. Then they provide you some unique code. You will fix it on your website. Google takes it from there, tracking your page views, traffic, and earnings on your behalf.
There is no fatigue for you to do its maintenance etc.
You can earn a lot of money like$5,000 from this.

5)Affiliate Marketing:

If you have a website, you can do affiliate marketing through this. In this, you can do a partnership with some businesses and brands. You can mention them in your content through links. You add some code with this link, whoever approaches them through this link you will earn money.

6)Write and Sell Ebook:

If you are a subject matter expert. Then you don’t need to write a book and send some publishing house for printing.

You all need to do that is go to the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Platform. Ebooks don’t have hundreds of pages long. You have to write only a few thousand like 1,000-6,000 like that.

After Publishing on Amazon, they will give money, whatever you earn from this e-book.

7)Earn from Calligraphy:

Maybe you don’t want to be a content writer r blogger, but you like calligraphy and have amazing handwriting skills.
You just make a website and sell your services. You can also give services to the freelance marketplace.

8)Sell your old Books for Amazon Gift Cards:

Every person has some old books!
you can earn from this too.
Go to Amazon Trade-In or on e-bay, Craiglist. Make an account, sell there then see how much you could earn.

9)Sell Your Photos:

Well, You think, have no DSLR camera. But stop! you can take photos from your mobile and sell them and earn a lot.
You think here…how?

let me tell you…Download the Foup app, upload your photographs there. Even, you capture from mobile. Whenever your photos are a purchase you will get money.

If you have High-quality images. Then go to Shutterstock, the most popular photography site. When your photograph is sold you will earn money.

1O)Sell your Crafts, Vintage find and Even Project Supplies

If you are creative, you can make money by selling your work through Etsy, Freelance market like Fiver, Upwork, etc. or different Sites. Although some market places have fees, it connects you with millions of Peoples globally.

If you aren’t creative you can still make money.
You find vintage items from eBay and flea markets, fix them and then resell through the platform. You earn more than a handsome amount.
I hope you learn a lot from this.

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