Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose talks leaving ‘Batwoman’

Ruby Rose says thanks to everyone who took part in batwomen. She further said that she left this series.

The actress decided that she don’t return to her starring role in”Batwoman” after its first season.

She shares the compilation video of “Batwomen” on Instagram on Wednesday. The Reece song”Last Time” was the soundtrack of her share video.
Batwomen season 1 completed on May 18, with the final episode. While season 2 is premiered on January 2021.

Compilation Video:

The caption of Rose video, “Thank you, everyone, for coming on this journey,”.She added, “If I mentioned everyone it would be 1000 tags.. but Thank you to the cast, crew, producers, and studio,”

she wrote. “It wasn’t an easy decision but those who know, know..”

I didn’t want to not acknowledge everyone involved and how big this was for TV and our community,”, Rose wrote.

“I have stayed silent because that’s my choice for now but know I adore you all,”.
She further added. “I’m sure next season will be amazing also. Xxx *hangs up cowl and cape.

In the end, she mentioned the name of her superfan or a person who added this video @mysmarvel.

If it returns in the second season CW and Warner Bros will have to recast the role.

When Rose announced her departure the three companies behind the series said a joint statement that,
“Warner Bros. Television, The CW and Berlanti Productions thank Ruby for her contributions to the success of our first season and wish her all the best”.

They further asked, “firmly committed to Batwoman’s second season and long-term future.”

What sources Said?

While the Multiple sources said that,” unhappy with the long hours required of her as the series lead, which led to friction on set.”

Some said she left due to lingering pain from her surgery to repair her herniated discs.

It was also reported that Batwomen producer is taking auditioned for a new lead character named Ryan Wilder.

Like other Hollywood projects, this series also stopped due to coronavirus pandemic.

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