During this pandemic time, it’s the best way to spend time while watching movies. You can watch Hollywood movies on Netflix, Amazon, HBO, and many channels over the Internet or wherever you want to watch. Hollywood is full of interesting, thrill, mystery movies, and so on. Here are the best movies you can watch and enjoy.

First Cow

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It released on 6 March directed by Kelly Reichardt. Its story begins with the discovery of two skeletons in the wood. It’s about a cow about the first territory. It’s about friendship, food and the living of the small peoples. It’s the story of an allegorical quality that puts hope, ambition, and many more. You can watch and explore much more after watching this movie.


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It released in March directed by Filho, Kleber, and Juliano Dornelles. It’s the story about an isolated town of rural northern Brazil, those who joined together to fight outside riders. This movie has a lot of thrill shots, moments, and heroics scenes you can see. This movie is about people fighting for their lives. You can watch this movie during this pandemic time.

Bad Education

Review: Bad Education
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It released on 25 April directed by Cory Finely. The story of this movie based on the true story of the Public School of America. It’s the story of Jackman and Janney who steal money from the school. It’s broadcast on HBO. This film has earned millions of dollars. You can watch this movie on HBO and HBO max and online as well.

Lost Girls

Lost Girls (film)
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Lost Girls is released in January directed by Liz Garbus. It’s a mystery film based on the book Lost Girls. The story of this film is based on the murder of the young female who murdered on Long Island committed by the Serial killer. You can watch this movie on Netflix.

The Assistant

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This movie is released in January directed by Kitty Green. The main character of this story is based on a recently graduated Jane who achieved her dream job as a junior assistant. Her job is like the other assistant in making coffee, changing papers order launch, and many other works. You can watch this movie and explore it more.

The Way Back

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The Way Back is a sports film of America released in March. This is directed by Gavin O’Connor. The main character of this story is Jack who was a basketball champion who left the game for some reason. He is struggling in a meaningless job and becomes an alcoholic. Later he becomes the Basketball coach and remembers this glory days of school.

The Painter and the Thief

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This movie released in January directed by Benjamin Ree. The story of this movie is about an artist. It’s the story of an unlucky friendship. She is an artist and her friend is a criminal. He stole her two paintings. She became close to him when he was a car crash and need full-time care. You can watch this movie to explore more about this story.


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Rewind is directed by Sasha Neulinger’s, an autobiographical tale of trauma as it’s about the child sexually abused a child, and his sister suffered by three members of their extended family members. This fil depicts how the camera captures the reality of things. You can watch this movie and explore more about its story.

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

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This movie directed by Eliza Hittman and released in January. The story based on the 17 years girl who is pregnant and went to a crisis pregnancy center. She tried to abort her child but failed. With her cousin, Skylar both went to New York for abortion. After a lot of struggles, she aborts her child and comes back to her city. You can watch the complete story of this movie at any time on the web.

Color Out of Space


This movie directed by Richard Stanley that released in January. The story of this movie is based on the gardener’s family who moves to a rural New England. while they were busy In new life a meteorite crashes into the yard. They discover that the alien force gradually changes everyone who touches it. For more information, you can watch a movie and explore its further story.

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