Choosing a perfect name for a little lady is a challenge, especially when you want to portray her beauty and personality in a name. The task can be more complicated when considering a name that starts with a specific word. The same applies when choosing a nickname with S for girl. Many powerful and beautiful baby girl names are available globally, and you can choose any of them. However, we do not get the unique and rare girls’ names in the lists we can find online. To address this requirement, we have made a comprehensive list of unique nicknames with S for Girls, where you will get various names with meanings.

So, let us start exploring the best nicknames; start with S for girls!

Popular Nicknames with S for Girls

First, we will list a few of the most famous nicknames of Girls with letter S. These names are generally popular in the United States, but we can find them in other countries and regions as well. Here is the list!

Names Meanings
Sophia Wisdom
Scarlett A Type of Red Cloth
Stella Star in Latin
Skylar Sky, heavens
Serenity Tranquility
Sadie Princes, Noblewoman
Sarah Princes, Noblewoman
Samantha Heard by God
Summer Warm season
Sienna Orange-Red

Funny Nicknames With S for Girl

Sometimes, serious and biblical girl names are not required, and parents want nicknames with S for girls funny. However, finding a funny name can be the most complicated task for the parents because people do not know much about these names. We have listed down multiple nicknames with S for girls. Some of these nicknames with S are special and dedicated to girlfriends. It means boyfriends will also have a list to give a beautiful nickname with S for girlfriend. So, let us explore these names!

Names Meanings
Sabina White Rose, Belonged to Sabine, an ancient Italian tribe
Sacagawea Bird Woman
Shonda Stone
Sappho Sapphire
Savannah Large grassy plain
Semele Mother of the god Dionysus
September Seventh Month in Latin
Sevan Lake
Shqipe Eagle
Sumati Good mind, wise
Sabah Morning
Saira Traveler
Simran Meditation
Subira Patience
Shula Flame
Sibonakaliso Sign, token, proof
Sibusisiwe We are blessed
Sini Blue
Siqiniq Sun
Soledad Solitude

Nicknames With S for Girlfriend

Some may think they have no unique nicknames for their girlfriends; start with S. We have made a list of some fantastic and funny nicknames with S for girls, especially girlfriends. So, let us explore them all!

Names Meanings
Stinker Cheeky, Mischievous
Little Old Lady An individual woman who exhibits behaviors
Miss Fussypants Picky or finicky
Chubster A woman who is on chubby side
Jelly Belly A woman with round belly
Soggy Emotionally-Down
Dimples A woman with cute dimples
Drooly Julie A person who tends to drool
Shortie Shorter in height
Smiley A smiley face
Drama Queen Who tends to overreact or create unnecessary drama
Snuggles Who enjoys physical affection
Squishy Huggable and soft
Squishyface Round face
Troublemaker Who causes disruptions
Roly Poly Round or chubby
Lumpy A person with uneven physical appearance

Nicknames With S for Indian Girls

Some names are only for a specific region. However, people love them using for their children. Nicknames with S for Hindu girls are very famous not only in the subcontinent but globally. We find many women in our surroundings in the United States, United Kingdom, and other European countries where nicknames with S for girls, Indian names, are widely used. We have made a massive list of these nicknames with S for Hindu girls. Let us take a look at this list!

Names Meanings
Shanvi Goddess Parvati
Sai Female friend, A flower
Sheza good religious girl
Shifa cure
Saira poetess, princess
Shichi glow
Shravya Musical tone, Worthy of being heard
Shichi glow
Suvi summer
Saaiqa lightning
Seem name of a flower
Sriya Goddess Laksmi
Sannihitha Togetherness
Saketha Lord Krishna
Saarya Name of a pious woman
Saanvi Goddess Laxmi
Saatwika A tree
Sachchit Lord Brahma
Stuthi Goddess Durga
Sajiv Lively
Sajili Decorated
Saavi Goddess Lakshmi, The Sun
Sahasra A new beginning
Sahana Raaga or patience
Sadhita Completed
Samiya Elevated, Lofty, Incomparable
Samihitha put together, joined, union
Sria Happy, Joy
Sananda Happy, very pleasing
Sahila Guide
Saanjh Evening
Saachi Truth
Saanjh Evening
Suhani Beautiful
Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi
Sabrang Rainbow
Sada Always or Princess
Saesha One with strong desire
Sagarika Wave
Sahasya Mighty
Sahila Guide
Sahira Wakeful
Sahitya Literature
Saina Princess
Saira Happy or Beautiful
Salila Water
Samanmitha Pleasing
Samhitha Collective
Sampada Blessing
Samprithi Achievement
Samvidha Lead
Samyuktha Together
Sana Prayer
Sanemi Perfect
Sania Brilliant, Happy
Sanjuktha Union
Sansitha Praise
Santathi Goddess Durga
Sanvi Goddess Lakshmi
Sara Pure, Queen
Sathya Truth
Saugandhika Good smell
Saurabhi Fragrance
Shagun Auspicious
Saloni Beautiful
Sharmista Daughter of king Vrishparva
Shreshta Lord Vishnu
Shyamala Goddess Durga
Sinhayana Goddess Durga
Siny Blue
Sabrangi Rainbow
Sonika Daughter of sun
Sravani Spiritually intense
Sreenithi Goddess Lakshmi
Sreya Best
Sruthakirthi Wife of Shatrugnya in Ramayana
Sruthi One of the three main sources of dharma
Stuthi Goddess Durga
Suchaya Shining
Suchismitha One with pious smile
Sudakshima Wife of King Dilip
Sudena Goddess Lakshmi
Sumi Good

Nicknames With S for Hindu Girls

Some other nicknames with S for girls, Hindu, are also selected for your consideration:

Names Meanings
Saachee Grace, Truth
Saadhvi Polite, Simple
Saaiqa Lightning
Saakshee Evidence
Saanjh Evening
Saanvi Evening
Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi
Saar Effective
Saarya Pious Woman
Saasha Defender of men
Saavya Lord Vishnu
Sabi A leading scholar
Sadaa Always
Sadhvi Polite
Sadiah Good Luck
Sahya A name of mountain in India
Saiba Pertinent
Saila Goddess Parvati
Sailee Shadow of Lord Sai
Sailu Soft Devotee
Saina Princess
Saisha Truth of Life
Saisha Obedient
Sakshi Witness


Bottom Line

All parents love giving names to their children, especially little ladies. It is because girls are sweeter, more attractive, and stylish. Therefore, they deserve something more with the name. Consequently, it is a challenge to choose the best name for daughters. To help parents fully, we have developed a list of nicknames with S for girls in which you have various options you can choose for your daughters. If you need more on this list, you can suggest us, and we will definitely include them in our list.

We also discussed nicknames with S for girlfriends to help boyfriends give their love funny nicknames, starting with S. Moreover, we have also listed down nicknames with S for girls of Indian Origin. So, do not go anywhere and explore our S nicknames for girls list.


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