A Firestick is a modern streaming device by Amazon that you can connect with your TV to watch a variety of channels, movies, and other TV content. It comes with a controlling remote that helps you use and reset the Firestick whenever you want. However, what should you do to reset your Firestick if you lose the remote? If you’re also wondering about the same question, then worry no more because we’ve got the answers for you. 

In this blog, we’ll explore how to reset Firestick without remote using multiple methods. Through these easy instructions, you can quickly reset the Firestick and enjoy uninterrupted streaming in your free time.  

How to Reset Firestick without Remote: A Quick Guide

There are several ways to do it, such as through the Amazon Fire App, Mouse, Keyboard, Ethernet, and so on. We’ll discuss each of these one by one.

  • Resetting Firestick Using Amazon Fire TV App:

For this method, you need to have a smartphone or tablet and a stable WIFI network. Also, make sure that your phone/tablet and your Firestick are connected to the same Wi-Fi device. Otherwise, it won’t work. Once done, follow the below steps. 

  • Install the Fire TV App:

It’s available both on the Play Store and app store. Go to the relevant store and download the Amazon Fire TV App, as shown below.how to reset Firestick without remote

  • Open the app and set it up.

Log in to the newly installed app using your personal Amazon account. It’ll ask you to give access to Bluetooth and the local network. how to reset Firestick without remote

After giving access, click on the set up new device option as shown below. The picture shows one device is already connected. However, if you’re using the app for the first time, you’ll click on the Set up new device button. Then, choose the type of device you’re setting up, i.e., Fire TV. how to reset Firestick without remote

Once you click the Fire TV option, the app will automatically start searching for your Firestick device. When your device appears, click on it. You’ll see a four-digit code on the connected TV screen. Enter the code, and your app will be connected to your Firestick device. This process takes 1-2 minutes to complete. If any error occurs, follow the troubleshooting steps it shows and get your device connected. how to reset Firestick without remote

Once set up, turn your Firestick device on, select your Fire TV device in the app that you just set up, and it will open a virtual remote-like interphase, which we’ll use to access the reset settings in the next step. how to reset Firestick without remote

  • Go to settings on the TV(Firestick) screen by using the phone app as a virtual remote:

This picture shows the TV screen on the left side and the app remote in the phone on the right side. how to reset Firestick without remoteUse the app to open the setting by clicking on the gear icon in the top left corner. Select the settings tab.  how to reset Firestick without remote

The setting will open on your TV screen as shown below. how to reset Firestick without remote

Scroll down to my Fire TV App option by navigating through the app remote and hit the middle button to open it.how to reset Firestick without remote

  • Find the Factory Reset button and Press Reset:

It’s the final step of how to reset Firestick without a remote through the app. Once my Fire TV settings are opened, scroll down to reset the factory default option and open it by hitting the middle button, as shown below. how to reset Firestick without remote how to reset Firestick without remote

Hit the reset button on the left, the firestick reset process will be started, and it will be completed in approximately two minutes. Note that all your data will be erased after resetting, so always do this only when you’re sure and ready. how to reset Firestick without remote

  • Reset Firestick with HDMI-CEC and TV remote:

It’s another quick way for how to reset Firestick without remote. In this method, you turn on the HDMI-CEC on your TV first. 

HDMI-CEC is a built-in feature in many TVs. By using this consumer electronic control feature, you can connect other devices to your TV via HDMI and then control it easily. However, since it comes in different names in different TV brands (such as Anynet + in Samsung), you need to ensure whether your current TV model supports it or not. The overall process is simple as follows: 

  1. Turn the TV on 
  2. Go into your TV menu settings and turn on the option of HDMI-CEC 
  3. Disconnect Firestick from it, wait 30 seconds, and connect it again  
  4. Now your TV remote will start functioning as the remote of Fire TV
  5. Open the settings tab, click on the device, and navigate to the factory reset tab 
  6. After confirming the reset, your Firestick will be reset in a short while
  • Reset Firestick via Mouse/Keyboard:

If you have a TV with Bluetooth and a USB connecting keyboard or mouse, then you can easily reset your Firestick using them as follows: 

  1. Connect your mouse/keyboard to your TV’s Bluetooth. To do this, open the TV menu, go to the controllers and Bluetooth devices option, and select the option of adding Bluetooth device 
  2. Connect your TV to Wi-Fi by entering your password and device name using your mouse or keyboard
  3. Then, navigate your Fire TV via your mouse or keyboard and follow the same resetting process, i.e., select the device, find the factory reset option, and hit reset. 

For those searching for how to reset Firestick without remote, it’s a must-try method.

  • Other options to reset the Firestick without a remote (Ethernet cable/TV Buttons/Alexa):

Apart from the above options, there are other methods that are a bit complicated but can work well if you lose your remote and are looking for alternate ways of how to reset Firestick without remote. These include 

  • Ether Net Cable: 

It comes in handy when you have your internet router closely placed to your TV. 

  1. First, attach one end of the ethernet cable to the router and the other one to your TV ethernet port.
  2. Restart your TV by turning it on and off. It will get an internet connection because of the ethernet cable being connected to the router.
  3. Now, the rest of the process is easy; you’ll simply use the Fire TV app as a virtual remote again and go to hit the factory reset option as explained above. 
  • TV Buttons:

If you have a conventional TV that has navigating buttons on it, you can also reset the fire stick. You’ll just use these buttons as remote, go to my Fire TV, select the Firestick device, open the reset to the factory default option, and voila! It’s done. 

  • Alexa:

Though not very practical, using Alexa by giving her instructions can also let you reset the Fire TV stick on the TV, given that your TV has the Alexa feature. 

You’ll simply instruct her to go open my Fire TV under the menu, then ask to find devices nearby and choose your Firestick device; after that, give directions to go to the factory reset tab and press the reset confirmation. 


To Conclude, there are plenty of methods on how to reset Firestick without remote. You may either utilize the Amazon Fire TV app or opt for other options, as explained above. Just make sure to follow all steps carefully and maintain a stable internet connection while doing so. Go on and start resetting your Firestick devices now! 


How to reset Firestick without remote?

You can reset your Firestick without a remote by following any of the methods described above. 

Do I have to pay monthly charges if I get a firestick?

There are no such charges. You just have to pay one time to get your Amazon Fire TV stick. However, since it is a streaming device, you may have to pay subscription fees if you want to watch certain apps or channels like Netflix and HBO. 

How can I reset the Firestick with my phone?

You’ll install the Amazon Fire TV app and use that to reset your Firestick, as previously explained. 

What’s a fire TV stick?

It’s a gadget that allows users to stream over different channels and content when connected to the TV and the internet.