Yeezy Slides have emerged as a favorite pair of shoes for many fashionistas. They were first founded by Kayne West who created them in association with Adidas. Particularly popular because of their Chic and cozy style, they allow you to walk comfortably with a statement. Whether you’re looking for something comfortable to lounge at home or something stylish for your everyday outings, Yeezy slides fit perfectly for both uses. However, similar to other shoes, they also get dirty and require proper cleaning to maintain their quality. 

Because of their soft foam material, easily prone to damage, Yeezy slides can be difficult to clean. If you also have a pair of Yeezy slides and wondering how to clean Yeezy slides without damaging them, then worry no more. In this blog, we’ll guide you on quick and easy methods to keep your Yeezy slides clean and tidy. Follow these tips and make your Yeezy slides brand new effortlessly.

How to Clean Yeezy Slides Like a Pro! how to clean Yeezy slides

Before you start, make sure to perform cleaning in an area that is well-ventilated and friendly for water use. Then continue with the following steps. 

  • Get Required Materials for Cleaning:

Because Yeezy slides are built with delicate foamy materials, you need to utilize gentle supplies to ensure their good cleaning. Here is a list of things you will need 

  • Some Warm Water
  • A mild cleaning detergent (it can be dish soap or e regular detergent)
  • A brush for scrubbing (with soft bristles)
  • A clean cloth (can be a microfiber cloth or a sponge as well) 
  • First, Prepare the Cleaning Mix

Take warm water into a bowl and add a small amount of gentle detergent/soap to it. Stir the solution thoroughly to ensure proper mixing. Remember not to use too hot water because it can cause harm to the slide foam. 

  • Start by removing loose dirt: 

It’s vital to do dry cleaning first to remove the loose debris. Take your Yeezy slides and shake them so that all loose dirt falls off. You can also use a dry cloth for dusting. 

  • Soak Brush in Cleaning Solution:

Take a soft-bristled brush and dip it in the prepared detergent solution. You can use an old tooth brush or a regular one. Just make sure its bristles are not too hard as they can cause scatches on the slippers. 

  • Scrub Slides with Dipped Brush Gently:

Now, start gently scrubbing on the slides with the dipped brush. It’s the most critical step of how to clean Yeezy slides. Move the brush in a circular motion to slowly release the dirt. Pay more attention to the dirtier parts of the slides. Make sure to avoid using too much force for scrubbing as it may result in damaging the slides. 

  • Rinse and Wipe:

Once you’ve scrubbed the whole pair with detergent solution, its time to rinse it. You can use either warm water or room temperature water for rinsing. After that, take your clean microfiber cloth/towel and wipe off the residual detergent and dirt from your slides. 

  • Let Slides Dry:

After rinsing and wiping, leave your slides to air dry for some time in a well-ventilated area. Don’t use hot air like with air dryers as it can lead to more damage than doing good. 

  • Finish up with protective spray (Optional)

Once dried, your Yeezy slides will be as clean as brand new. For further protection, you can spray them with a sneaker protecting spray as well. 

How to Get Rid of Stubborn Stains on Yeezy Slides? 

Although the above method of how to clean yeezy slides takes most dirt out of your slides, there are some stubborn stains that are hard to remove. If your slides also have such stains, then don’t worry as we’ve got a solution for it as well. Here are a few things you can try to remove those obstinate stains. 

  • Vinger/Water mix:

Take equal quantities of vinegar and water and mix them in a bowl. Immerse a clean cloth in this mix and place it on the spotted area after scrubbing the slides with the detergent solution. Let it sit for a few minutes (5-10) until it penetrates completely. Follow with rinsing and wiping as mentioned above. 

  • Baking Soda/ Water Mix:

Who doesn’t know about the magical cleaning power of baking soda? Here’s how to clean Yeezy slides with baking soda. Get a small amount of baking soda and mix a little water in it until a paste is formed. Then apply this paste on the stained part and leave it to rest for a few minutes. Follow with scrubbing, rinsing, and drying. 

  • Toothpaste:

Toothpaste is another popular product that hundreds of people use as a cleaning hack for their shoes. You can use it for your Yeezy slides too. The method is simple: take a small amount of toothpaste on a brush and start gently scrubbing the stained areas in a circular motion. Use a wet cloth to wipe it, or simply rinse it with water, followed by air drying. 

Although effective, it’s not usually recommended unless necessary because of the harsh ingredients that may harm the slides. 

Additional Tips to Maintain the Quality of Your Yeezy Slides:

  • Don’t make them too wet:

Since it is created with foam stuff, Yeezy slides can soak excessive water, which can lead to bacterial or mold growth if not dried properly. Therefore, try not to wet them too much. 

  • Stay away from harsh cleaning agents:

As explained in above section of how to clean Yeezy slides, using abrasive cleaners may remove the stains and dirt but they can affect the quality at the same time. So, it’s better to steer clear of them by sticking to mild cleaning agents only. 

  • Keep them safely Stored:

Although not many people pay attention to it, storing Yeezy slides properly can make a huge difference. Keep them in a box or bag when not in use and store these in a dry and cool place. This will not only protect them from dirt but also prevent the foam material from cracking which often happens when the slippers start to become brittle over time. 

  • Try sole protector and protecting sprays:

If you wish your Yeezy slippers to last longer, it’s a great idea to use additional sole protectors (to protect the slipper’s sole from tearing) and protecting sprays (to prevent slipper damage due to dirt and water).  

How to Clean Yeezy slides- FAQS: 

  • Can Yeezy Slides be washed in a machine?

Although its possible, but it’s not a recommended option. The machine cleaning is harsh which can cause damages and tears in your slippers. Therefore, its best to wash them with hands using gentle methods. 

  • Can you use bleach on Yeezy slides?

No. Bleach is a very abrasive cleaning chemical. Using it will not only disrupt your slipper material but may also result in permanent discoloration. 

  • Are magic erasers effective for cleaning Yeezy slides?

Containing Melamine foam as a cleaning material, magic erases are popularly used for getting rid of filth and stains from various products. They can be used on Yeezy slides with gentle rubbing. But since it can be harsh on the foam and rubber material of Yeezy slides, its not usually recommended. 

  • When should I clean my Yeezy slides?

You can clean them either once a week or whenever you feel they are dirty or soiled. 

  • What material is used to make Yeezy slides?

They are made using a blend of Eva foam and algae foam which makes them lightweight and comfortable to wear while having high durability. 


To sum up, although cleaning Yeezy slides seems a little daunting task at first, you can do it easily by using the right cleaning method and materials. Remember that the best way it to wash them with hands using mild soaps. So, the next time your slides get dirty, use our above guide on how to clean Yeezy slides and get spotless and brand-new Yeezy slides in no time.