According to BBC, Uk experts say that “Dexamethason is the first live-saving drug.
This is low-dose steroid treatment. It helps fight against the deadly virus.

This drug is also part of testing for checking that either this will work against coronavirus or not.

It can be helpful for those who are on a ventilator or using oxygen.

If this drug started in the UK before, this could saved up to 5000 patients’ lives. For ventilators, it cuts death by a third for patients, and for those on oxygen, this drug cuts death by a fifth.

The Researcher says if this drug used earlier to treat patients then it surely saved 5,000 lives.

The researcher adds this could be beneficial for all poor countries to fight against COVID-19.

Uk government says that NHS will make dexamethasone available to all patients.

19-20 patients are recovered without being admitted in hospital while those who are in the hospital must need oxygen or ventilation for complete recovery.

And for those who are in a critical situation this drug called dexamethasone will help for a speedy recovery.

It Will also helpful when our immune system during the fight against coronavirus goes into overdrive. A cytokine storm, this reaction of overdrive could be deadly.

Source: The Recovery Trials,BBC News

Results according to the researcher:

According to researchers, This was given to 20000 people who are infected and compare with those 4000 who are not infected.

The result is below:

1)It breaks the risk of death 40% to 28% for those who are on the ventilator
2)It breaks the risk of death by up to 25% to 20% for those patients who need oxygen.

The Chief Investigator Prof Peter Horby said that this is a breakthrough that can only reduce the death rate, while all other increased the death rate.

While Lead Researcher Prof Martin Landry said that findings said that 1 life could be saving every eight patients on a ventilator while every 20-25 will be treated with oxygen.

He added that treatment is 10 days long while it cost 5 pounds per patient.

This drug available worldwide.

He continues that if the hospital gives it to the patient then the patient will recover soon but this is not helpful for those who have milder symptoms of COVID-19.

Matt Hancock tweeted with a video in which he announced about this disease.
He wrote; “WATCH: Delighted to announce the first successful clinical trial for a life-saving #coronavirus treatment- reducing mortality by up to a third & further protecting our NHS

This global first exemplifies the power of science- huge thanks to the team, @oxforduni & Jonathan Van-Tam.”

The researcher said that malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, increase the death rate and heart problems And other drug named “Remdesivir” also recover the corona patients but the evidence is not strong enough. This medicine also available by NHS.

Source: BBC News

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