The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide approaches to 6.5 million. Many scientists participated in the competition of developing vaccines.10 coronavirus vaccine candidates are in the stage of the beginning of human trials.

Some of them will do a large scale testing at the beginning of July, says Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health and a member of the White House Cronovirus Taskforce.

He further said, ” In phase 3 trials nearly 30,000 volunteers available to each candidate vaccine, with half the volunteers receiving a placebo”

“That is a phenomenal thing to be able to say, considering these things usually take several years,” he says.

He further added that one coronavirus vaccine which proved safe and effective against this disease will be ready in 2021.

Here are some portions of the interview.

Who ultimately decides which vaccines move forward? Is that up to your agency? Or what the president has called his Operation Warp Speed vaccine task force?

 He replied,

“These Vaccines further proceed by various companies. They are in a different stage of completion.

1)These first go for a phase 1 trial. In which a small number of volunteers tested, 

2) If they can produce a decent level of antibodies. Then it predicts that this will work against this coronavirus.

 3)They must show a small number of volunteers that they are safe. And most of them not reach that point.

The ones that do-we want to have a whole menu of coronavirus vaccine opportunities because these don’t always work. So it is good that most of the vaccines end up after passing through this large scale testing that happens in the coming months.he says I hope that all work. But if some of them drop out during this testing phase, we just want to sure that by the end of this calendar year, we have at least one or two vaccines that are effective and life-saving for all of us.

And he said let me emphasized on word ‘Safe’. Operation Warp Speed, the brand we are using.we are supposed to convey the speed with which we are trying to move because of intense health need. But we are not compromising on safety. We will not do that. We will only skip those steps which are slow for regulatory and for business reasons. And we are trying to make faster but we are not compromising Security.

“Has the president’s term [warp speed] made it difficult for you as a public health official to message exactly how this works?”

He replied’ ” Not really. I kind of like the idea of conveying that we’re in a hurry here. I just explain it quickly what that means. One of the things we are doing that to make it sure that this vaccine is effective, it’s is going to one of the large scale trials-lets assume it might work. And let’s go for manufacturing lots and lots of doses with the U.S government support if it does work. You don’t need to do wait for many months to distribute. This is so-called “at-risk manufacturing”.you wouldn’t normally do that because some of this is going to go to waste. But when you consider what’s happening here and the people’s lives at risk, it seems like the right thing to do. That’s part of the warp speed idea.

How will you make sure that once the vaccine is ready, it is equitably distributed and that anyone who needs one can get one?

The first does will go to that which are at high risk. Particularly health care providers, people in long term care facilities. But the goal is that to scale up as soon as you have vaccines that are safe and near 2021 first or second quarter we would have 100 million doses or so, so it wouldn’t have to be rationed so severely, But first, there won’t be enough for everybody. 

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