New Latest Resources, after finishing the 23rd Short Service Commission, Fatim Changezi who belong to Gilgit was recently recruited as a Sub-Lieutenant officer in the Pakistan Navy.

Fatima also achieved gold medal in sports during her training

Fatima said while chatting with the media, “In the tiny town of Gilgit Baltistan, I had enormous dreams & ambition, to form big in psychology. once I was only 13, hiding in my closet to read novels, I soon realized that my interests differed from most of the women an extended journey of struggle was before me”.

“However, I knew that amid all this chaos I had one one that had my back to push me toward my goals, my Baba (Rehmat Ali Changezi). I learned into 1 of the simplest institutes for my degree in psychology & was the first-generation female graduate in my family.”

Sadly, Fatima’s father gave up the ghost a month earlier after she got into the Navy academy, she stated “I know he would be pleased with me”.

She further added that “Where my sisters were getting married with no college degree, I had to defeat all odds to proceed with my education. The stones of societal expectations were hurled at me for not contemplating marriage as my sole object of existence.”