Top-quality designers from Côte d’Ivoire, Colombia, Nigeria, Ghana, London, and New York are creating an impact on the minds of the critics in Paris Fashion Week.

African and Black designers have been dominating fashion weeks, and the same applies to Paris Fashion Week, where emerging designers have significantly impacted retailers, buyers, paper and electronic media, and industry leaders. These designers have contributed a lot for decades and now developed their brand reputation.

Overall, Black and African designers cannot afford to buy a slot in fashion weeks. However, The Folklore Connect has developed itself as a B2B wholesale platform, which can get a spot and stall at Paris Fashion Week.

The Folklore Connect is one of the most recognized and established brands developed by African and Black designers. When discussing The Folklore Connect had a significant impact in New York, where over 800 people attended the show. The same is expected in Paris, where The Folklore Connect will display its work in the Paris showroom on 26-27 September.

According to media reports, 10 of the most prominent African and Black designers will attend this event. One of the most recognized ones on the list is Kente Gentlemen. It is one of the best gender-neutral brands, and the location is based in the Ivory Coast. This brand provides specialized Fruche and ready-to-wear clothing. Fruche will also be scheduled for Lagos Fashion Week. It is known as one of the straw-like raffia details. Here, it is necessary to mention that only those brands can display their products that can deal with large orders conveniently.

When exploring the best designers who displayed their products in fashion weeks, it is essential to mention that many Black and African designers have been affecting the trends tremendously and changing mindsets globally.

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