Apple has been using leather for its various products for years. However, they have decided to ditch it.

Apple confirms that a no-leather-use policy has been implemented in the organization, and from now on, consumers will not find any leather in their new products, including watch straps.

Apple has always shown commitment to reducing its environmental footprint. The current effort is also in the same direction, as Apple wants to reduce waste globally and encourages sustainable materials and procedures to minimize the impact of commercial activities on the environment.

The tech giant stated that Apple partnered with Hermès and Nike to sell watch brands. It helps them develop more environmental-friendly options. However, it is essential to mention that Hermès disagrees with Apple and will continue selling the Apple Watch Hermès collection with leather watch straps. Furthermore, these products will only and solely be available exclusively in Hermès stores.

Apple also mentioned the alternative of leather. The organization will use “Fine Woven” material instead of leather in its coming products.

Animal supporters have been appreciating this step of Apple largely. This decision came in front of us during the iPhone 15 launch event. The tech giants’ management thinks this effort will help reduce carbon emissions. More interestingly, Apple is now officially a leather-free organization.

Apple sources confirm that “Fine Woven” material is just like suede. It simply means the texture will be similar to suede. However, we do not know much about this newly-introduced material and its feel when touching it. This feeling will play a significant role in Apple’s sales, and some people may refuse to accept their favorite products without leather straps. However, criticism only matters a little in this strategy. Overall, this decision looks cool, apparently for improving the environment.


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