New York Fashion Week was the occasion when R’ Bonney Gabriel, Miss Universe 2022, announced the decision made by the Miss Universe Pageant.

From now on, no upper-age restrictions will be implemented on the participants. It will be the first time in the Miss World Competition’s history. The announcement was from Miss Universe 2022 during New York Fashion Week. Specifically, it was Tanner Fletcher’s “Beauty Pageant” show when R’ Bonney Gabriel announced this decision.

Miss Universe Pageant has been running this fashion-packed pageant since 1952. Previously, the upper age limit was 28, and the current Miss Universe is 29. She was the oldest Miss Universe in the history of Miss Universe.

This rule of “No Upper-age Limit For Participants” shows the commitment of the organizers to add diversity to the competition. They want to set a new benchmark and change the pageants worldwide in 2024. Here, it is necessary to mention that the lower age limit will remain as it is, and the participant must be at least 18.

R’ Bonney Gabriel also came in front of the reporters during New York Fashion Week. She said before them, “Age is not a barrier to a woman’s ability to compete and achieve greatness. It’s a bold group of women in charge over here, and you know what, a lot of people tend to follow what we do – it’s nice to be a standard-bearer and I’m proud that we get to do that.”

Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip – A Transgender Entrepreneur

Miss Universe Organization is owned by Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip, who bought this organization last year for $20 million. She has the credit that she gave the organization rapid growth. Now, she is ready to break the age stereotype and change the concept of women’s participation in all competitions without considering their age. In 2023, she removed other stereotypes from the competition, and now divorced, pregnant, and married contestants can be seen. These changes embrace diversity in the Miss Universe Competition.

What Is R’ Bonney Doing Currently?

She owns her own casualwear brand. In her fashion brand, R’BONNEY NOLA, she uses only recycled materials. Moreover, she is a great promotor of the green design sector. Additionally, she also participates in awareness campaigns related to the green design sector and is committed to continue working on it.


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