Everyone loves wearing top-of-the-list apparel brands. A survey conducted by Brand Finance, A brand valuation consultancy based in the UK, conducted a survey named Brand Finance Apparel 50 2023 survey.

According to the Brand Finance Apparel 20 2023 survey, Nike has maintained its top position. Although its brand value is down by 6%, with a $31.3 billion brand value, it is still the most valuable apparel brand worldwide.

Nike’s sustainability perspective value (SPV) is the highest at $2.3 billion. This position is due to the global attention of its “Move to Zero” sustainability campaign. This campaign has established the brand’s reputation for its sustainability commitment. Nike has also put maximum effort into increasing consumer awareness about sustainability by involving athletes through Nike branding.

Nike has struggled a lot in the post-pandemic era. However, top brands are resilient when they come in front of the challenges. Nike improved the popularity of its athleisure and streetwear through social media and E-Commerce and got benefits.

When exploring the data of other most valuable apparel brands, every brand has improved its value. For example, Dior is up at $13.2 billion in brand value, which means an increase of 46%. Chanel is another significant name with a brand value of $19.4 billion, an increase of 27%. The third most prominent name is Louis Vuitton, which stands at $26.3 billion, with a rise of 12% in the brand value.

According to these figures, Louis Vuitton is second in this survey, Chanel at number three, and Dior at fourth.

These apparel brands got this position because they had exceptional sales growth. Moreover, they ensured their iconic status and brand strength might remain intact during and after the pandemic. After these top brands, we also find Gucci and Adidas following the above-described brands in the list.

The survey also talks about the fastest-growing apparel brand. According to the survey, Celine is the best performer. Its brand value went up by 51%. Now, the worth of Celine is $2.9 billion.

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