The primary purpose of Sabato De Sarno is to convince the people to love Gucci. He introduced his collection with the name of Gucci Ancora. When translated, this Italian word means “Gucci Again”.

Sabato De Sarno was anticipated for a few months at Gucci. However, there were some delays that have been removed, and De Sarno came in front of his lovers at Milan Fashion Week at Gucci. His return was with the name of “Gucci Ancora.” This event was full of Hollywood stars, that made the whole event an absolute pleasure for the visitors.

De Sarno worked a lot to deal with this massive challenge as a new creative director of Gucci. He joined Gucci this summer. Previously, he was attached to Valentino, where he spent 14 years. He had been linked with Dolce & Gabbana and Prade before this venture.

Fashion enthusiasts and experts have questions about incorporating De Sarna in Gucci. The reason is Alessandro Michele, who achieved tremendous achievements during his career. Now, people expect the same from De Sarno. Therefore, people were anticipating the appearance of De Sarno under Gucci for months, and it ended on Friday in Milan Fashion Week when De Sarna came in front of the audience after nine months for the first time.

The most exciting aspect of this event was that Hollywood A-listers were in the front row of the audience. As you know, the camera is always ready to capture Ryan Gosling and Julia Roberts. They made the show more exciting and jubilant.

When discussing the collection, we did not find it overtly sexy. More interestingly, it gave a look at the Tom Ford era. Moreover, we did not find the collection electric. Furthermore, there was no difference with Michele’s gender-fluid, romantic vision. More importantly, they remembered the history of 100 years from the foundation of Gucci, and Guccio Gucci was behind it.

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