We all know that women are more curious about fashion. Therefore, the fashion designers work primarily for the women. However, these fashion designers are men who know little about women’s requirements. So, why should women not be there as fashion designers?

When discussing the top two shows of the current fashion season, we can easily keep Saturday’s Comme des Garçons show and the final collection by Alexander McQueen at the top. Interestingly, both were presented by female designers Rei Kawakubu and Sarah Burton. The beauty and deepness these designers show to the audience in a few hours was different from the strange, muted, and inefficient fashion season. Their effort indicates that more female fashion designers are required in the fashion industry.

Burton showed her last work on Saturday evening. She was hired by Lee McQueen in 1997. However, he took over the organization in 2010 when Alexander died. It was the time when no other than Burton was able to take the brand to the future.

We can experience vulnerability and aggression in Burton’s final collection. Moxie and tenderness were other features that astonished the audience and made prickly eroticism more unique, stylish, and fabulous. According to Burton, she got the inspiration from Abakanowicz. The reason is that Abakanowicz never compromised her vision and kept her female anatomy intact. She also dedicated the show to McQueen, who always wanted to give women an opportunity to show their power.

Spines, vulvas, and breasts were the most emphasized and imitating things the dresses showed. A significant risk is involved when presenting these things through honoring femininity. Burton gave her dresses by revealing the skin and other sensitive body parts. For example, her leather bustier was fabulous and opened at the chest. Another essential feature of the show was when a model’s pregnant belly was revealed through a loose chiffon gown on which a beautiful red rose was shown. Last but not least was a simple halter-neck dress made from glowing and rich red velvet.

We always experience sexual aggression and sensuality in Burton’s dresses. However, the latest collection was the finest compared to her recent shows. Moreover, the show models were also chosen very carefully. For example, Kaia Gerber opened the show, and plus-size women and a pregnant model made the situation exotic and stylish. More importantly, Naomi Campbell closed the show with tears.

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