Anne Hathaway made a stunning visit on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday, turning heads with her fashion-forward pick. The talented actress, 40, appeared on the platform of the talk show in New York City with Marisa Tomei to promote their current film, “She Came to Me.”

Hathaway wore a beautiful black Dion Lee suit that was anything but average for this occasion. The unusual denim corset and belt set this ensemble apart, adding a bit of modern flair to her style.

The suit was a seamless blend of a blazer top and a loose, denim corset with seductive side cuts that revealed Hathaway’s toned stomach. The high-waisted pants also had denim at the top, providing a coherent look. A second, flowing black waistline that smoothly fell, connecting to the wide-leg trousers, added to the outfit’s attractiveness.

Erin Walsh, Hathaway’s stylist, spoke with Insider about how this ensemble perfectly encapsulated the future of fashion. Hathaway’s ability to easily embrace numerous fall fashion trends cements her standing as a fashion star yet again.

Hathaway finished her look with a touch of elegance and glamour, accessorizing with Bulgari jewelry, wearing Versace sunglasses, and wearing open-toed, clunky heels by Santoni.

“I love how this embodies effortless feminine future chic,” Walsh said, adding, “What’s more stylish than both embracing your divine feminine and your power?”

In early 2023, the fashion world witnessed the rise of ‘business-core’ trends, as seen on runways, seamlessly blending office essentials like suits and ties with the informal edge of streetwear. This look remained popular throughout the year, with celebrities such as Olivia Wilde walking the red carpet in bold and trendy suits.

Hathaway’s suit epitomizes business-core design at its best, mixing the rigid spirit of office wear with the exquisite workmanship and elegant allure of high fashion. Furthermore, it seamlessly incorporates various other modern fashion trends, such as blazers, corsets, and inventive denim interpretations, which have recently acquired appeal among celebrities and stylists.

Anne Hathaway’s fashion moments have certainly evolved over the past year, cementing her status as a red-carpet “it girl,” especially after collaborating with stylist Erin Walsh.

In 2022, Hathaway turned heads in a hot-pink minidress studded with sparkles and a peplum skirt at a Valentino show. This vivid ensemble not only embraced the Barbie-core trend but also highlighted Hathaway’s distinct personal style.

She experimented with hooded outfits in 2023, continuing to push fashion limits. During Paris Fashion Week in January, Hathaway wore a black Alaïa dress with an elegant hood, and later in May, she wore a crystal-encrusted Versace gown with a detachable hood to a Bulgari event.

One of her most memorable fashion events of the year was at the 2023 Met Gala, where she was one of the best-dressed attendees. She walked the runway in a breathtaking white Versace gown decorated with huge, gold safety pins, leaving an everlasting impression on fashion’s most prestigious stage.
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